What are the best entry level integrated amps and speakers?

My daughter just got a new place and wants to upgrade her Best Buy based stereo system.  She is only interested in two channel stereo (good for her).  I told her if you're willing to get used equipment of high quality you'll get a better system like I did (Krell, Ayre, Revel).  We are looking for an integrated amp and speakers.  The amp should put out 75-100 watts.  She has enough room for floor standing speakers or something smaller.  So far I have researched NAD and Outlaw for amps and PSB for speakers.  What would you recommend?  I think the budget will be $1,000-1,500.

 Thanks for your input.


Vista Spark powering Triangle Bro3’s.  Match made in heaven!  Less than $1000.

Sound quality for the buck buy used no doubt and don’t be in a hurry …. Unless it’s a hurry.