What are the best entry level integrated amps and speakers?

My daughter just got a new place and wants to upgrade her Best Buy based stereo system.  She is only interested in two channel stereo (good for her).  I told her if you're willing to get used equipment of high quality you'll get a better system like I did (Krell, Ayre, Revel).  We are looking for an integrated amp and speakers.  The amp should put out 75-100 watts.  She has enough room for floor standing speakers or something smaller.  So far I have researched NAD and Outlaw for amps and PSB for speakers.  What would you recommend?  I think the budget will be $1,000-1,500.

 Thanks for your input.

Belles Integrated, Elac Speakers.... model depends on if you can find new or previously enjoyed. 

The arcam solo uno allows for BT & Streaming, refurbished under $500.  A used pair of JM Reynaud’s would sound great with it.  
Allows her to play music from her phone or computer. 

Vista Spark powering Triangle Bro3’s.  Match made in heaven!  Less than $1000.

Sound quality for the buck buy used no doubt and don’t be in a hurry …. Unless it’s a hurry.