What are the best entry level integrated amps and speakers?

My daughter just got a new place and wants to upgrade her Best Buy based stereo system.  She is only interested in two channel stereo (good for her).  I told her if you're willing to get used equipment of high quality you'll get a better system like I did (Krell, Ayre, Revel).  We are looking for an integrated amp and speakers.  The amp should put out 75-100 watts.  She has enough room for floor standing speakers or something smaller.  So far I have researched NAD and Outlaw for amps and PSB for speakers.  What would you recommend?  I think the budget will be $1,000-1,500.

 Thanks for your input.

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The Outlaw RR 2160 is superb and a fantastic value. It sent my wife’s Hegel H160 off to a new owner.
Great with a SS integrated!   You will need stands with them.  Get those used too! 
Dynaudio Xeo 4 on a pair of decent stands. 
You can hardly go wrong!  The low end of Hi-Fi IS still HIGH Fidelity.  In fact I think we are in a sort of golden age.  In terms of integrated amps there are so many fabulous options - just think Japanese as one way to go.  Onkyo, Marantz, Yamaha are all you need.  I'm currently thinking of getting an Onkyo 9010 or NAD 3020 just for my television!  That will will be overkill, but hey!  Good quality cheap speakers:  I can't really speak from experience here but I do have some Wharfedale Dentons that I bought for my office.  They more than do the trick and they have a wonderful retro look!  Lots of suggestions already mentioned.  
It is kind of fun doing the research and I am sure you will come out with a great result, that is to say; your daughter will love her music!!
Better watch out for reliability issues with NAD bro. Been seeing uptick in complains.