What Are The Best Desktop Speakers?

I currently have two Radio Shack LX5's with the Lineum tweeter.
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Those are great little speakers. Might be hard to beat.
I agree. I have a pair being driven by a Shandling MC 30 (and occasionally by a little Jolida 102B with those beautiful sounding EL 84 tubes) and it is really amazing the quality of sound coming from the system. Eat your heart out Bose Wave.
I have heard nothing but outstanding reviews for Audioengine speakers. They seem to be a good choice. For one of my desktop systems I use Mirage OMD-5's. They really seem to immerse one in the music. Of course, the bass response is decent but most likely not ideal so a small sub may be needed depending on preference.
What's the best way to connect them to the PC? What cable/sub/CC are you guy's using? Anyone doing Surround?
Maybe getting to sound like a broken record, but IMO, you should try the NHT M00s if you are going to a powered speaker.
I wanted ro go passive...or is that too much trouble?