What are the best Bluetooth headphones?


I am on a quest to find the best quality Bluetooth Headphone. Essentially, I am connecting this device to my Apple TV or iPad to watch media while my wife is asleep next to me. Therefore, sound isolation is also important. 

I am doing my best to look past basic brands such as Monster and Bose and have found Sennheiser Momentum 2 and B&W P7's thus far. Are there other bluetoothheadphones out there that are superior? Am I really losing out on far superior options due to just looking at Bluetooth? If it is just Sennheisers/B&W, who wins the battle?

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Beats by Dre, over the ear headphones.  Great, especially if used during fitness workouts.
Check out the ear buds at mezeheadphones.com
Go check out head-fi.com.....If it is headphone based they have covered it in the HUGE Equipment Review forum...Good luck...
Personally I would suggest neither I love using my The Parrot Zik 2.0 Wireless Headphones by Philippe Starck. TBH iI bought mine after reading the reviews of it on http://topproducts.com/reviews/best-bluetooth-wireless-headphone.htm and i can happily say that I have no regrets :)
 great selection of headphones admin. they are all good for listening music, but i am looking for headphone with microphone. here only sony mdr zx has microphone. can you please suggest more headphone brands under 1000 with microphone? please....
Plenty of Sennheiser models.
I would think the Sennheiser HD-1. Have not listened though. Wired here
I have used and reviewed a lot of wireless headphones from various brands. So, I guess i can better help you in choosing best wireless headphone for yourself.
In my opinion, one of the best headphones are

1. jabra move wireless

2. Sony XB650BT Extra Bass Wireless Headphone

3. Chevron Wireless Bluetooth