What are the best amps for driving Totem Mani 2s?

I have a pair of totem mani 2s. Using a sonagrape preamp I need a good amp for power. the speakers using an onkyo integra sound mediocre. also, what would be the best speaker wires (10' each) any one may suggest.
Hi, I own Mani 2's and drive them with a McCormack DNA-2 LAE which is one of the best solid state high powered amp I have heard regardless of price or hype. So you need power with finesse otherwise the Totem can sound hard a little bit. I use Van den Hul The Revelation Shotgun biwire to great results. Cardas with it's nice midrange and highs could be an alternative. You also need very rigid and heavy stands to get the best out of your speakers.

Good listening, you have great speakers
The Manis sucked the life out of every amp I've used it with when I was demoing it. Bi-amping with two identical models will help. Having said that, the best amp that I have heard driving the Mani 2s is the Sim Audio W5. I think the amp is rated only at 175 watts, but that figure is very conservative. Get as much power as you can afford, the speaker needs it.

As for speaker cables try the Totem speaker cables. While other cables may do some things better, the Totem wire seemed to work the best overall. Same goes for the ic, but only when used with Totem speakers.
An arc welder might do the trick ;-)

Seriously, I love the Mani2's, but yes, they are a tough speaker to drive. Need a high current amplifier; unfortunately, this is one speaker that you can forget about with tubes. The Sim amp recommendation is a good choice, sounds good with Totems in-general. I would imagine one of the beefy McCormack amps mentioned above would also work nicely. My suggestion is probably well above your price range, but the Rowland Model 10 and Mani-2's, you may never change again. Terrific combination.
I have 5 Mani-2's in my home theater system, and used to use them for 2-channel. The Sim W5 is an excellent recommendation, however, it is NOT true that they can not sound excellent with tubes as well- I am currently driving a pair of them with a set of modified/rebuilt Altec 1570B tube monoblocks- they are brutes (165 wpc in triode) w finesse. I have also heard them on my buddy's system- 300 wpc Audio Research M300 MKII's- now THAT was an eye-opener.

So- what's the moral of the story? SS is an easier choice, as you will find more amps with the current output the Mani's crave, but depending on room size and volume required, the tube monoblock alternative can also work, AND I have found greater musicality going this route with the Mani's...

I respect your choice, but those ARC amps are way WAY expensive and would seem a bit out of line relative to the Mani-2's cost. I am sure some other very muscular tube amps might work too (e.g., VTL and Manley), but for the control and drive the Mani-2's need, solid state is the more practical choice as you note. I bet five Mani-2's that is one fine-sounding surround setup you have there...

Also--one other amp I heard only once on the Mani-2's, but it was most impressive, was a big Goldmund amp, I forget the model number, I want to say 28 or something like that? Very quick and airy sound out of the Totems, but a touch lighter in the bass than Rowland for example.

I also like the Model Ones! Don't like any of the Totem tower speakers however, I guess I'm just a monitor kind of guy. I now use ProAc Response 1SCs and like them quite a bit. Sweeter than the Model Ones but not as ballsy. Both great little speakers.
I second the Sims!