what are the best 4 ohms speakers out??

what are the best 4 ohms speakers out?? im trying to get the maximum wattage out of my amp, trying to get rid of my 6ohm speakers, thanks!
Interesting approach. There's a lot electrostatics with low impedence, but because it varies with the frequency i don't think a nominal 4 ohm will get you much farther than 6. The difference in loudness probably won't compensate for how much you're gonna piss off your amp.
I am with Ohlala on that one, if you like your current speaker go for a bigger amp. If you do not like your speakers then look for some that are more efficient. A couple of db more efficient will make loads of difference, and won't "piss off your amp" as stated above. Good luck.
you guys are probably right thanks btw i have nht 2.9's, but now now let me pose a new question, what are some really good sounding speakers that are very efficient thanks agian
I am not saying they're the best but PSB speakers are efficient and 4 ohms. Check the website www.psbspeakers.com.
Good luck
Eantala- In response to your last question, checkout Coincident Speaker Technology for high efficiency, great sounding speakers. www.coincidentspeaker.com
They might float your boat!
Eantala - Perhaps I don't understand your question, but if I might ask: why is it that you want to maximize the power ("wattage") draw on your amp? Maximizing the power draw on your amp usually translates to more heat, more strain on electrical components, less dynamic headroom, higher distortion, higher electric bills, greater frequency of clipping, etc. In addition, many amps have difficulty driving low impedance speakers, and using a low impedance speaker with such amps will compromise performance, not improve it. If what you want is a pair of speakers that will play louder with your current amp, perhaps you should look at overall speaker sensitivity rather than speaker impedance. For instance, Martin Logan Aerius i's are 4 Ohms nominal impedance dropping below 2 Ohms in the high frequency regime, but they are not all that sensitive and don't play that loud. There are speakers with higher impedance that are more sensitive and will give higher SPL with your amp. Or if you like the sound of your existing speakers, get a bigger amp as some of the others have suggested above. Also, since everyone has different tastes and musical preferences, you should let your own ears decide which speakers are best for you and the music you usually listen to. If you specify what kinds of sound qualities you prefer (dry v. lush, aggressive v. laid back, etc.), what your budget is, and how large your listening room is, I'm sure you'll get a number of good speaker recommendations from the folks here.
Apogee Diva, Duetta Signature, Caliper Signature, Stage, Studio grand. Being modern ribbon/planar magnetic speakers, they all hang out between 3-4 ohms and will definately get the watts (and current) out of what ever amp you pit against them. Fabulous when properly set up and fed.