What are songs where people or instruments sound closer to you?

So stereo separation is relatively easy but what are some songs/albums where the singer seems closer to you. So we all can see the Beatles on stage with Ringo in the back, Paul on the front left, George in the back right and John in the front right. 

What music would you all suggest where you can hear both the left / right separation and the front / back separation?  I hope I’m making myself clear.




Mono cartridge on a vintage idler is how I get it. 😉

I have a bunch of jazz CD’s from that era and most of them are mono. 


I haven’t had a mono cartridge since the sixties.😊 
Do they still sell new ones?

Erin Bode Singing "These Days"

Cello is in the right rear, behind the right speaker.  Erin is up front, in front of the speakers a bit off center, classical guitar comes in from someone sitting on a stool, just to the right and behind Erin, Upright bass is behind the guitarist. 

Grover Washington Jr’s "Winelight" album:

1. Winelight

2. Let it Flow

Both of those tracks have percussion and subtle acoustic guitar all over the place...great imaging. I have the original release and the Nautilus Super Disk versions on vinyl.

Sade "Best of Sade" has several great tracks... among them "Your love is King", "Hang on to Your Love", "No Ordinary Love".

James Taylor "Dad Loves His Work"

A silly track, barely over 2 minutes long, called Summer’s Here. About a third of the way in, a brief solo on a Hammond Organ sound like the damn thing got rolled almost to your listening chair. When I had Maggie 1.7’s it was almost startling. Fun tune!


Steely Dan "Kid Charlemagne" has a lot going on in it's soundstage. But then so do MANY of Steely Dan's and Donald Fagan's work.



Sarah Vaughan “Ain’t No Use”. Depending on speaker positioning in various systems, I’ve heard her sound huge and front center stage or hear her very far back way beyond the speakers. Placement of other instruments are very well separated with good depth as well.