What are some thoughts on tributaries cables?

The Macintosh dealer recommended these to connect my Mac power and pre amps. They cost about $175 for a 2m xlr pair. This seems reasonable since all other companies I looked at considered this to be an "entry level" price.
My experience with tributaries on my Mcintosh gear was that it lost some of the warmth in favor of bright. The reason the McIntosh folks suggest Tributaries is that ?Gow?
owns the company and was once employed or his dad wad was employed by Mcintosh. I think that cardas seems to provide the better sound with mcIntosh, but this is just my opinion
based on my experience over the years of owning Mcintosh gear. Best thing is to try a few different cables before you dive in. I can tell you that I really didn't like Monster and felt that AudioQuest dulled the sound. Also Tara labs lower end seemed lacking as well. I did get good results with harmonic tech and Audio purist though. You may contact the cable Co. about their lending library.
Again all just one mans opinion.
Their older SCA version of cables are decent for the money. I have 3-4 pair I use on my HT setup and swap them into my 2 channel from time to time to reinforce my opinion that my other expensive RCAs were worth it.

The SCA tributaries are silver on copper I believe with locking bullet RCAs. Sound is better than monster but not up to par with middle tier cables like Acoustic Zen (Matrix IIs) or Cardas Neutral Reference. Wouldn't spend more than $50 on a pair though, you can find much better used on audiogon at their full asking price.