What are some of your best thrift store or "give-away" AUDIOPHILE WORTHY finds!

(Sorry about the exclamation point rather than a "question mark" in the title. Editing won’t let me correct it.)

I just had to share! I just recently found a set (2) of Transparent MusicWave Ultra cables at a thrift store. I paid $60.00 for the set. I put them on a pair of KEF 107’s, which I found at another thrift store 2 weeks later, for $300 in perfect condition. WOE! KUSC radio and my CD collection have come fully ALIVE!
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Last year, I came across a Denon 59L turntable, in beautiful perfect working condition. (Not a scratch!) It was in an ANGEL’S VIEW thrift store. On Ebay, these have sold from about $800 to $1500 dollars. This store was only asking $35.00! Needless to say, it looks really nice next to my KEF 107’s mentioned earlier! All it needed was the Ortofon M20 cartridge I happened to have lying around and, SCORE!
Pioneer PL-50 at Goodwill.  No dust cover or belt.  $20.00 plus a belt at $18.00.  Not a bad TT for 38 bucks.