What are some of the best high current integrated amps sold under 1k usd

I have looked for high current integrated amps (100+wpc into 8 ohms)  and keep finding a very small selection. What options are there for under 1k?
There is a Teac high powered Integrated, over 200wpc selling here for $1100.00. It went for 3K brand new. I believe Perrota Consulting is selling it. This was their top of the line integrated. I have no affiliation. I heard the Integrated at Spearit Sound before they closed up. Smooth, dynamic and powerful is the way I would describe the sound.
In Solid-State, NAD Monitor Series may surprise you in the "bang-for-the-buck" department.

Most of their Power Envelope Series, Monitor Series, and "throwback" (Models ending in "BEE" for Bjorn Erik Edvardsen - who led their Engineering / Design department for a long time) have a surprising amount of headroom built in [Able to deliver double or more of rated Wattage for bursts typical of music sources]

Check 'em out!
That Teac is certainly a handsome unit, never knew it existed.