what are some of best tonearms you own or experience with.

i have Triplaner universal and is very good.   want a 2nd thothinking of Kuzma 4-point 14 inch.???what others?
I have a Morch UP4.  Sounds fine, but what a pain to set up.  I dream about those elliptical weights and wake up in a cold sweat.
Technics Epa 100
Technics Epa 500 with Arms 501 L -H-E-M 
Sme IV

I'm happy with everyone but maybe the SME IV is the one I like least
SME V.  Buy it new or used, keep it for life!
Such an odd & open ended topic - I’m hesitant to participate.

No one has mentioned AMG. LP12 guys should take note of their 9” versions. A very capable tonearm that is not a massive affair - excellent for suspended ‘tables like my ‘64 Swiss built Thorens TD150. One of the easiest tonearms designs to dial in. The “Turbo” (marketing) versions are fashioned with thumbscrews making most tools unnecessary. Poorly executed owner’s manual (sheet).

The SME Series V is my go to when I really want to get a feel for how a typical MC pickup really sounds.

Really like the 11.5” Kuzma 4-Pt and 12” Stogi S and appreciate the elegant simplicity and performance of the better metal wand (Steve Lueng built) JMW unipivots which beg for Wood Bodied Benz and a gravity tilt for A/S.

Yes, the Graham 2.2 is a serious contender, but a bit fiddly to setup. Much improved performance over the Original 2.

Sad to see Jelco go out. Their TK850S is surprisingly good.

Never played with Schröder & Reed or Fidelity Research & Ikeda or Basis Vector - all of which are held in very high esteem.
Agree on the Kuzma 4P arms. I had the Stogi ref and went to the 4P 11 and there is nothing left to be desired.