what are some of best tonearms you own or experience with.

i have Triplaner universal and is very good.   want a 2nd thothinking of Kuzma 4-point 14 inch.???what others?
I just upgraded from an Origin Live Silver to an Origin Live Enterprise. Same cartridge. Same tonearm cables. The difference is staggering. I’d love to have a tonearm or cartridge designer explain the technical reasons for the easily-audible improvements (other than it allows the cartridge to better track the groove). 
Only one best: SME V... 
after some others not so best, really. 

If you can live with non-detachable head-shell(s) ?!? 🤔

Michélle 🇿🇦 
I'm using the Swiss Holborne tonearm , 10 inch dualpivot , price € 2990 in
Europe . My turntable is the Dutch DDSphinx PJ 6 .Cartridge Dynavector
Te Kaitora Rua . Marriage in heaven.
Dear @ml89009 : ""  what others? ""

As you can read through the post exist several alternatives and if you give us which cartridges you want to mate with then " things " could be better to give an specific advice for any of us.

Regards and enjoy the MUSIC NOT DISTORTIONS,