What are some great tonearm cables for SME IV.Vi

Lyra Lydian Cartridge...SME table. Thanks!
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Nordost Quattro-fil...'nuff said!
The ones that came with it.
sorry...doesn't come with a cable...just a din...
Did you buy this from an authorized dealer? I heard that the grey market ones don't come with a wire. My SME V came with a van den Hul Din to RCA cable. I would contact your local analog dealers and just try different cables. I remember some discussions about an excellent cable by Hovland... That would be one on my audition list.
yes a dealer in Dallas. Sumiko's website says the SME 20 perf package doesn't come with a cable. And it says your V comes with that Van del Hul.

Guess on a 10K table/arm they felt the need to skimp on $200.
VdH D 501 Silver Hybrid. A sleeper - needs a healthy break-in period, though.