What are some good things to do when going to an audition

Trying to get some more ideas on some rules to follow when partaking in an audition.  Here are some of the initial thoughts on this:

  1. Don't Touch the equipment without permission
  2. Don't set your drink on equipment
  3. Be honest about your intentions of engaging in the audition.
  4. Its a good practice to bring a few CDs so you can listen to what you like.

Am I missing any?  


Don't ask about any deep discount...unless you plan on a purchase that very day!

I have a short list of things to take...

Gum, mints, toothbrush, floss, tissues, pens/pencils, sunglasses, reading glasses, phone charger, hair bands, bobby pins, nail file, Advil, Starbucks gift cards, a book, lotion, granola bars, chapstick, single use Super Glue, water purification tablets, eyedrops and some CD's LP's et cetera.


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