What are some good sources for buying new LPs and CDs

Fed up with Amazon and vacuous delivery times. I have had good luck with Acousitic Sounds out of Kansas. what are some other good outlets?
I must admit we have a local record shop and once a month as a treat I go down and pick up a few.
I haven't found that shipping snafus are solely associated with Amazon or Amazon Marketplace sellers by any means! 

I've had issues with orders from Ebay, Discogs and ImportCDs too. 

Send your thanks to Mr. DeJoy-- don't blame sellers. 

I've also had issues with sellers on Amazon, Ebay and Discogs not adhering to grading standards but still, I've found more sellers than not reliable in this regard. 
I have checked out two local record shops. The Sweet Spot was pretty good, picked up a lot of nice used LPs some dodgy old stuff which cleaned up pretty well, and a NICE new pressing of Sgt Pepper's.
The other one was very over priced per condition and contents. I have been working 7/12s for quite a while, so it is just easier to buy new (more money than time as it were) but now that work is easing up, the Wife and I can bin flip a bit more, plenty of record stores in the Houston area.

BTW my ordered three months ago Greta Van Fleet arrived today, it magically transformed into a Japanese Jazz Rock album when opened. I will check it out and see what I think.

Thanks for all the suggestions,  I will look into them. Has anyone bought from Alligator Records?, and is Blind Pig still in business?