What are some good sources for buying new LPs and CDs

Fed up with Amazon and vacuous delivery times. I have had good luck with Acousitic Sounds out of Kansas. what are some other good outlets?

Thanks for the Magnolia recommendation. Found a couple nice selections and placed an order less than an hour ago and received a notification that it already shipped.

It is not the wait. But I have  had 2 instances of Mars saying they delivered albums in a shipment with a missing LP, then they never send the missing album. I ordered Greta Van fleet Black Smoke rising 3 months ago that was supposed to arrive 06/22, and on 06/22 they are asking if I want the Album delivered or what???
If something is not in stock just let me know before purchase, if it is delayed in shipping (many things are right now, and I understand this) don't wait until delivery day to inform me it is running a little late on top of the three month delivery date. I waited 57 years to get into vinyl, and can wait for a slow delivery, just be upfront with me.

I have been VERY happy with acoustic Sounds. I really appreciate that my whole order arrives at once (or if it will be a split shipment they let me know before purchase completion.

I will look into those other links, they look good. Thank you all.
The only one not yet mentioned is The InGroove in Phoenix, Arizona. I haven't tried them yet, but some of the Vinyl Community guys on YouTube recommend them.

All my Discog buys have been acceptable, but those sellers don't use the great mailing cartons that Elusive Disc, Music Direct, and Acoustic Sounds do. I always find myself expecting the worst as I open the Discog-seller carton. So far so good.

Looking at ebay LP listings, I'm very dubious of the grading standards the sellers claim to use. I've yet to buy an LP on ebay. Years ago (in the 80's and 90's) I bought and sold in Goldmine Magazine, when it was a print publication. It was great---all the participants were long-time LP enthusiasts.