What are some good sources for buying new LPs and CDs

Fed up with Amazon and vacuous delivery times. I have had good luck with Acousitic Sounds out of Kansas. what are some other good outlets?

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I have been pretty happy with Acoustic, but there are many artist he doesn't carry. I will have to check out Experience Vinyl.
It is not the wait. But I have  had 2 instances of Mars saying they delivered albums in a shipment with a missing LP, then they never send the missing album. I ordered Greta Van fleet Black Smoke rising 3 months ago that was supposed to arrive 06/22, and on 06/22 they are asking if I want the Album delivered or what???
If something is not in stock just let me know before purchase, if it is delayed in shipping (many things are right now, and I understand this) don't wait until delivery day to inform me it is running a little late on top of the three month delivery date. I waited 57 years to get into vinyl, and can wait for a slow delivery, just be upfront with me.

I have been VERY happy with acoustic Sounds. I really appreciate that my whole order arrives at once (or if it will be a split shipment they let me know before purchase completion.

I will look into those other links, they look good. Thank you all.
I have checked out two local record shops. The Sweet Spot was pretty good, picked up a lot of nice used LPs some dodgy old stuff which cleaned up pretty well, and a NICE new pressing of Sgt Pepper's.
The other one was very over priced per condition and contents. I have been working 7/12s for quite a while, so it is just easier to buy new (more money than time as it were) but now that work is easing up, the Wife and I can bin flip a bit more, plenty of record stores in the Houston area.

BTW my ordered three months ago Greta Van Fleet arrived today, it magically transformed into a Japanese Jazz Rock album when opened. I will check it out and see what I think.

Thanks for all the suggestions,  I will look into them. Has anyone bought from Alligator Records?, and is Blind Pig still in business?