What are Mini Lp's

What exactly are mini Lp's and why do they sell at outrageous prices? Are these special pressings? How do the sonics compare with regular Lp's?
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Mini LP

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I disagree with the information provided by your link, Brad. I have been buying Japanese CD's, due to their generally superior fidelity. A mini-LP is a Jap. CD that is packaged similar to the older "gatefold" vinyl LP's; that is the cardboard jacket folds open. These CD's have a rice-paper like sleeve that protects the CD, again, like the vinyl LP. Other Jap. pressed CD's are packaged like a conventional CD, with a jewel case packaging.

Your link's website describes what I've always known, and always heard referred to as a vinyl EP [extended play], either pressed on 10" or 12", containing 3 to 6 songs, and played at 33-1/3 RPM.