What are in these Bose speakers anyways

[url=http://www.bose.com/controller?event=VIEW_PRODUCT_PAGE_EVENT&product=am10_surround_inthebox&linksource=productnav_txt_inthebox Bose Acoustaless[/url]

On the website I could find no info of Freq. response, drivers used or sizes of drivers and no mention of the materials used for the cabinet. Don't people want to know what they're getting for $800 or $ 900 dollars? I am courious to know if anyone knows the make up of these speakers.
Really, really small musicians. How else could they sound so great? ;-0}
Ask Consumer Reports....remember that little legal squabble from years ago !!!!
Bose are amazing engineers. Thay have created a way to build speakers from only two ingredients....



You spelled Bose wrong you are missing an L. If you get my drift.
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Brown paper packages tied up with strings
These are a few of Bose internal things!
Hey Krellm7, No Bose-Os allowed!
I have always heard Bose stood for BuyOtherSoundEquipment.
I'm thinking of trying their new 3-2-1 'plug-in' device that makes your system sound like surround w/just 2 speakers. has anyone seen that ad on TV yet? there's a 30 day money back guarantee. maybe we could all chip in, buy one & take turns auditioning it before we send it back. hell, someone may decide to keep it.
Yea someone might keep it, probably BOSE return desk.
These technological wonders have a 2.5 inch "twiddler" speaker in each cube, then the awesome bass is supplied from a 5.25 inch woofer...how could you not get jaw dropping sound? The funny part is if you look at the manual link it tells you to set your speaker settings to the LARGE setting!
I cant be sure but I think I saw one time that the module speakers only go down to like 250hz.
There is a great article that talks about the Bose Acoustimass system and compares it to audiophile grade components. (I can't seem to find it currently) The cubes are made of plastic, with nothing in them but air. The cubes are crossed over at around 280 Hz and the sub stops at about 200Hz or so. They actually remove some of the music. Appartently they feel this range of music is not important.

Most the large, elaborate displays have as much as 30K in electronics driving them. The need to get decent sound out of their displays. Ask the demo guy next time you are at the outlet to see the back room, to get a quick peek at the electronics. I'll bet he won't let you see it. THis is mostly in their outlet stores if I'm not mistaking.

As far as the CC and BB displays, who listens to their rear speakers inches from their head as the display emulates? Put the same setup in a room that is 13x20 and things start to fall apart like a cheap meatloaf.
I thought it was....no highs, no lows, must be bose!!
Sugar, and Spice, and Everything Nice!
Bose was a professor of EE at MIT; a bit amboyant from what students have told me. Since their first commercial break-through, the rear radiating little box with a V shaped back, I've always thought Bose stuff sounded a bit gimmicky . But for some applications the Bose "magic" is appropriate: The sound system in our 2000 MB 320 wagon is excellent. OTH, stereo in our 2000 Porsche Boxster is amazingly good as well, so maybe audio for autos technology has improved generally.

Used to work at an audio store. Fixed speakers. Saw some Boses come in. They used very cheap parts. Very cheap paper cone tweeters and woofers. The crossovers were also with cheap parts. They may have good engineers (don't know, never meet one of theirs), but the parts they used was sad.

I suppose, Bose do serve a nitch in the market, their marketing has hyped up the product so that for most people, the Bose badge is desireable. They charge a premium for their product for their hyped up badge...people feel good buying their prodcuts.


I never heard that one before. That was funny.
In the late ‘70s, my buddy managed an audio shop.  They carried Accoustat, SOTA, ESS, JVC, some other brands that I don’t recall, and Bose.  The Bose rep came in one day to demonstrate a way to really impress people and boost sales.  He put on a Red Rider LP, started a track, and turned one of the Bose 901s around so that the ports faced into the room.  He then produced a lighter, lit it, and held the flame a few inches in front of one of the ports.  At a certain point in that song, enough air came through that port to blow out the lighter’s flame.  “Dang!!  Not only do those Bose (pronounced “Bow-Zee” by the upstate SC audio cognoscenti) sound good, but they can blow out my lighter, too!”  It’s hard to imagine a stronger or more practical selling point.  I don’t recall our being able to replicate that amazing feat with the Accoustat 4s! 
I Love, actually hate it, when I tell people that I’m into “Stereo stuff”, that I have cryogenically treated receptacles for my $200 power cords, and my room is treated with thousands of dollars worth of acoustic panels, and there response is “oh, cool, I’ve got a bose soundbar and it sounds like the movie theater!”  I’ve actually learned how to swallow my own puke indiscreetly, while smiling and replying “oh?! I bet it sounds great!”. 

Holy Zombie Thread, Batman!
They are made of secret stuff.
corn flakes and Cheetos. 
Dammit Shtinky! Those are my two favorite foods! Now I gotta go out and get me a pair.
Danny:  The sound from the crunch of those two is waaaaaaaaaaay better than BOSE, any BOSE.
Bose has Direct Reflective Technology!! Not one speaker company in the world can make that claim!!! The Cube are not just plastic. They are space age plastic cubes. Try running them over w/a Tank. They will not break. When the Astronaut's go to Mars Bose will go w/them. The NFL uses Bose!! What more can I say??
I would never make that claim, if i had a speaker company:  my speakers are direct reflective. is it direct or is it reflective?  people would think i was completely nuts.   and i wonder how much bose pays the NFL to wear their giant 4 letters on all their heads.