What are important features in a listening chair

Been wondering what features are important to you in a listening chair. 

(Besides the drink holder and familiar smell...)
Mine must be hosed cos my ear cupping focusses cymbals like a miracle tweak. I just dumped the foamy cushion backrest. It hurts but sounds better.
Geez, now I’m thinking maybe I should revive my Ortho Ears ear prostheses that make your ears look just like Mr. Spock’s. It’s only been 25 years. Metaphors be with you.
I like a place to stash my crack pipe and Tom Jones CDs.
Im surprised more people haven't chimed in ont eh ear cupping.IDK whether Geoff is right, but assuming he is, my guess is most rooms/systems do not provide ideal dynamics 
Satellite dishes need to be larger for weaker signals (for the same frequency). It’s the same thing with cupping ears. As you turn the volume up and/or improve room acoustics cupping the ears is much less impressive.