What are good xlr interconnects for my system?

I have the krell sacd standard,400xi,and martinlogan mosaics. Curently I'm using both monster and audioquest diamondbacks interchanging them for different types of music. Monster has a more revealing up front sound thats great for rock. But for jazz I prefer the smoother more refined sound of the diamondbacks. What I'm looking for is a refined sound thats still transparent and dynamic at a reasonable price. About $200-$250 pr.
Beamann move up to a used pair of Audioquest Colombia or a bit more money to the Colorado.

I've also audition Niagara and Sky and every step you take to move up improves the sound of you system. Colombia or Colorado are tough to beat in value and performance.

I took your advice and bought a pair of columbia's and I have to say WOW! They seem to be the best of both worlds,balancing coherency,clarity,and way better bass performance. Good advice.
Glad I can help the Martins deliver more details.

Happy listening.