What are good tubes for Audion Sterling?

Just got this amp in,wandering if any one has any experience tube rolling on this amp. Would prefer a little more SET midrange. I am by no means dissapointed with this amp just like to play.
I found the Tesla KT-88 to have a wider soundstage and nice, expansive midrange. Do a search at www.audioasylum.com and it will list all the tube types that you can try. I would suggest that you try as many as you can.
If you are looking for a fuller sound skip the 7119 (5687 replacement) suggestion @ AA as this will crisp things up a bit. Mullard, Amperex White label or Philips Miniwatt 6922's are the ticket for full mids (Amperex Bugle Boy and Orange Globe 6dj8's would be my second string choice). The input tube (6922 type) will have about as much impact on the sound as the output tubes. Siemens, Telefunken and Tungstram 6922's are not a good choice for your stated goal, though they are still good tubes for other applications. The 5687 has less of an impact on the sound but Sylvania Gold Brand 5687's are one of the smoothest/fullest with RCA Black plate 5687's being a bit rougher though still quite fat sounding. Tung Sol 5687's (most versions) are great in other amps, but not the Audion as it does not require their added detail. The TS's have a tendancy to sound thin when used as a driver in Audion's. Maybe just start with the 6922 type tube and run the stock EL34's while you research the output tubes. The best are not cheap, which would be NOS Mullard EL34's (the 1 or 2 version). You might look into EL34's in general (again for your stated "lush" midrange goal). The KT88's will beef up dynamics if you feel that this area is also lacking on certain types of music. Can't remember if it runs KT90's or not, but if it does look into these as well (might be sweeter than 88's, but this depends on the tube).
Dekay, Thanks for your input. I printed your response and will be seeking those tube options.I have tried something however,I put an after market P. Cord in and it kept blowing the 250V 1.6 amp fuse.I put in a 5.0 amp fuse and plugged the cord in, and WOW! I've heard a lot of amps, but this one is special.
I would be cautious of using a higher rated fuse (think that neither of the fuses in my previous Audion Silver Night exceeded 2.0 amps). Wonder why you are blowing fuses with the new cord? If you turned the amp off and then powered it up quickly (say with 30-60 seconds or so) this can blow fuses in many tube amps (including Audion), but if this is not the case I would look into it.