What are good jumpers for bi-wire spks?

I would think a jumper made of the same cable as the speaker cable being used.
Hi Pete: This is David Keil with the Twin's. What speakers are you trying out now? I made jumpers out of the same wire (Kimber) as Mikec suggests and it really opened up the HF's when compared to the flat bars that were supplied with my Castle speakers and was a good sound. It didn't cost anything other than the aggravation of stripping the Kimber and is a good place to start. I never got around to buying or making silver jumpers which are said to be nice as well. Somebody sells these (silver ones) premade for around $50-$60, think it's either Silver Audio or Pure Silver Sound.
You can also get some from Mapleshade redords they sell a ribbon jumper that is real good at $ 20 A PAIR. Greg
Hi David,

Thanks for the advise.

Right now I have 1999 Audiovecter M1 Supers that I bought on closeout. They are AWESOME. I finally think I have found a speaker I can live with for awhile(maybe)(<: Once I have more time on them I will post a review. The cables I'm using are DH Labs T-14 biwire. They sound great but I also have a sigle run of Tekline TL-650 I would like to try with some nice jumpers. All that I have are the metal bars that came with the speakers.
Pete: I was not aware that Maplshade offered jumpers. They might be right up your alley (and the price is right) as not to many people have posted in regard to their products (kind of unchartered territory). I am using their Double Helix digital cable on my DAC and enjoy the detail and musicality that it provides. I an also playing around with their inexpensive cones on just about anything that I can place them under and still keep a straight face.
What is Mapleshade????????
Mapleshade's website is at mapleshaderecords.com, though last I looked the jumpers were not listed. They also do special recordings that have mixed reviews. The gear however receives good feedback from those that have used it.
Dekay, the jumpers are in the flyer they send out to get people to buy there cd`s, they are very good and only cost twenty bucks, the best top end you`ll ever hear. Greg
Silver Audio makes a product called "Silver Shot Loudspeaker Shorting Strap". Its their 5 inch twist of pure silver speaker cable conductors silver-brazed into custom silver plated Cardas spade ends. www.silveraudio.com I own a pair and really like them, however they are not cheap! I have seen some on the used market. Hope this helps.
Drums: It will probably arrive in the mail shortly then. I have an extra pair of Castle speakers (that my wife wants me to sell) that I could try them on:-)
Just curious, but I always wire to the top-end side for the straightest path to the tweeter and let the signal travel through the flat-bar jumpers to the woofer. Am I missing something, or would jumpers not make a damn bit of difference in the top end of this configuration? Please enlighten me. Thanks
Try it both ways and let us know the difference!?
Hey Scott99,

I experimented with my single wire going to the top and bottom on my Mission 753s and there was a difference...pretty much what you'd think...the lower had more bass, and the upper had a nice top end but lacked some bass warmth. I switched to bi-wired cables and now I have the best of both worlds. From that experience, I'd say that a set of jumpers would be an improvement over the connector bars that come with the speakers (and cheaper than buying bi-wire cables).
Hello My Meadowlark kestrals came with jumpers but I don't know if it's the same as the internal wire. I will look up the Mapleshade site-they make some pretty decent recordings-so there jumpers should be the ticket. Best of luck
South 43. I have the jumpers on my Shearwaters now and they sound like new speakers, the top end is so good I can hardly believe it the same speakers Greg
When I used to own the Merlin speakers, Bobby P. will make up a pair of Cardas jumpers for you, I think they're $45 or so. They're very nice, I used them to excellent effect with the Meadowlark speakers I later owned. I think Merlin will make up a pair of jumpers for anyone that wants them, whether you own their speakers or not. Just a thought...
Anything but the flat brass plate. A jumper cable of the same brand well always give you better results. I use jumper cable because iam to cheap to buy another pair of synergistic designer ref. speaker cable.