What are current CD player transports?

Do current players all use CD/DVD-rom since Philips no longer supports the mechanism? For eg. Meridian 800 and Creek’s Classic CD player:

"Extracting the digital information from the ATAPI bus, similar to a computer, has enabled Creek to work with a virtually jitter free signal source. To convert the signal to a usable format, the Classic CD player uses a digital buffer circuit (FPGA) that stores the signal for a short time and converts it into a suitable format for feeding to a D to A converter. This creates shock immunity from the player, so that the disc is not playing exactly in real time, but slightly delayed through the dynamic buffer. It also converts the signal into a SPDIF signal to provide a high quality digital output, which is now available via TOSLINK optical as well as co-axial sockets."
Think a blu-ray player by sony, maybe the s560 model which can be had for $110. Why spend more until you hear that unit?