What are best tubes for Jolida 302

Can anyone tell me some good to great tubes for a Jolida 302 ?
Here is an interesting article about your piece, If you haven't already read it:(http://www.enjoythemusic.com/Magazine/equipment/1106/jolida_jd102b.htm) There are a wide variety of excellent NOS 12AX7 and 12AT7 family tubes out there to try. A lot depends on your taste in sound. Do you appreciate an accurate-to-the-signal-voicing, or a warmer/tubier sound? The European(ie: German) tubes provide the first, the Brit tubes will generally provide the latter. American tubes vary. I've got a pair of 6201 tubes(labeled ECC801S, gold pins, triple micas) that I'll send to you to try in place of the 12AT7's, if you'd like(e-mail me). Whatever you happen to chose: Be certain the tubes for the pre-amp section have been tested and certified "Low Noise". Some info: (http://www.tejastubes.com/NOS12AT7ECC81E81CCECC801S.htm) (http://www.tejastubes.com/12AX7.htm) Try rolling the driver tubes first, and see what pleases you there. Then hunt for some NOS EL-84s(They aren't very expensive, but will make a huge difference). (http://www.tejastubes.com/Poweroutputvacuumaudiotubes.htm#NOS6bq5)
The Jolida 302 uses EL34's/6CA7's not EL84's or 6BQ5's. El34's will set you back at least couple bills. I would suggest you try a matched quartet. Visit Jim McShane at the following link. If AG removes this link then google it and type in Jim McShane tubes and it should be the first item.
and he will guide you through your tube ailments. He has enough knowledge to help you choose a set of tubes that will help you tailor you sound. If you are looking for more detail he would be able to suggest something that may give your amp new life. I would also talk to him as well as Jolida to see if they have any modifications that will improve on the areas you want improved. Some amps benefit tremendouslly from replacing the coupling caps. Some require power supply upgrades. But I would try a matched quarted of EH Electro Harmonics EL34's in the Jolida first. They will cost roughly $55 or so depending on shipping. The EH's offer an extended top end that has been better than several other brands I have tested lately. a righteous midrange and these tubes offer a pretty good and solid soundstage. I have tried at least 4 of the major brands on new tubes and the EH's gives me a more complete sound top to bottom.
If you are looking for a more detailed sound this may be the ticket. If you want a warmer sound look elsewhere.

Talk to Jim about the 12AX7 and 12AT7's for the input. Make sure they are low in microphonics. Prices are righeous and he has some NOS tubes too. I searched for a month trying to find a new supplier of tubes for my amp and I'm glad I found Jim. There are many and I mean many people selling tubes. Buy from someone that backs their tubes with a reasonable warranty. And all the tubes are tested by hand to give you the best quality I have seen in a while. I'm not taking anything away from some of the big players out there but I get the service of the big boys with prices that won't make you loose any sleep.
Sorry- Somewhere during my earlier posting my mind went to the Jolida 102B(EL84). The statements I made still hold true regarding NOS tubes, and should you purchase tubes of recent manufacture, you will miss out on some excellent music reproduction. The site that I posted previously lists NOS EL34's by Telefunken, and Kevin has NOS Siemens EL34' at Upscale Audio(both excellent and trustworth tube dealers). (http://www.upscaleaudio.com/view_category.asp?cat=86) Either of those tubes will outperform(by a vast margin) anything of recent manufacture with regard to transparency, sound staging and dynamics. If you do prefer a warm/tuby sound- NOS Mullard EL34's are readily available. BTW: Kevin's testing/burn-in/screening/grading procedures are second to none in the industry.
I am also very interested in learning about what tubes folks are using with their 302s, or other Jolida rigs. I just got mine, some am probably a few months away (at least) from tube rolling, but would love to learn more about how other options sound versus the stock tubes.

Cheers - Marty