What amps use the KT120 tubes?

As per the title -- can anyone list amps that use these tubes by design (not retrofit )?
ARC now uses them. Jallen
Bob Carver - Black Beauty Monoblocks - See the new Musicdirect catalog for these.
CAT originally sold their JC-2 with 6550's, but now with KT120's.
Octave RE 290
This amp was designed around the KT120. As a V70SE owner I would suggest adding the Black Box. Lowers the noise floor and adds to the dynamics.
Jadis and Rogue are now using them.
Thanks guys. Are you sure Rogue uses them?
Bob Latino's big amps use them.
yes rogue is using them
Tube Research Labs
Yes, Rogue uses them in the M180's. I own a pair.
Just adding this list to help out anyone who may stumble upon this thread.

Credit for this goes to A'gon member Hifigeek1. He posted this on another thread.

04-19-12: Hifigeek1

The following is a list of ARC amps that are authorized to use the KT-120:

VS55, VSi55, VS60, VSi60, VS110, VS115, REF110, VM220. I hope people find this useful as there seems to be a lot of confusion about it.
Ayon Orthos mk2.
I use them with a Rogue Atlas.
Dhcod, do you find that the amp produces a hum through the speakers when paired with the kt120s? I just put these tubes in my titan atlas magnum and there is a hum through the speakers even with nothing else plugged in. I didn't notice it with the 90s.
The new Conrad-Johnson Classic 60-SE comes with them.
Rogers uses them.
Rogue ships the Cronus Magnum with 120's now.
Emotive Audio Vitas use KT-120s. They can also run 6550, EL34, 6L6GC and their KT counterparts. I like the KT-120s best of all the tubes I've tried so far.
Checkout tomcataudio's facebook page ....photos and videos of a pair of KT120's 100watt Mono Blocks....I stumbled onto them...I understand he does triode/pintode mode switch also...they looked gorgeous!
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