What Amps pair best with the Focus 380?

Just wondering what Dynaudio Focus 380 owners have found that best pairs with the 380's (they can be integrated or separates, tube or ss).
As you may have read regarding Dyn's - They sound best with max power. But as you heard the Octave V110 is a good match (considering all the drivers in the Focus 380's). Again if you didn't read my post on the V110 a Super Black box would also be a good helper for those speakers. For solid state the Burmester 911's are great but pricey. Other amps that pair up extremely well with Dyn's are Naim and Pass labs. Bryston Is very good but a bit dry sounding (had a B100sst with the original C1's) maybe the 4bsst or better and bp-26 (the B100sst was a little underpowered and the Octave V70SE was a world better even at a lower power 70w tube vs 180w SS).