What amps for Kef 104.2


I have Kef 104.2 no bi wire version. Im using a YBA CD2 Delta, CJ Classic SE pre, and a CJ MV60se 60 x 2 tube amp. Im wondering amps guys feel they have had the most success with when married to these great speakers.
I had these speakers 15 yrs ago and loved them. I used an Adcom 100w/channel gfa 545? It drove them well and didn't break the bank. enjoy Ed
I used a carver TFM-45 amp with a CT-17 preamp for years, but recently went on an upgrade/revision binge. I started with a Denon receiver in hopes of simplifying things. I sold the Carver gear to pay for the Denon receiver. Very bad move. Sounded like crap compared to the Carver. Moved to an Adcom GFA 555 amp with Adcom GFP 750. Still not as good as the Carver. Moved to a Sunfire 300 watt/channel amp with a Bat VK-40 preamp. NOW we're talking! Swapped out the Sunfire in favor of a Bat VK-60 tube amp. Oh my!! Sounds great, but what a beast. Big, heavy, sucks power like there is no tomorrow (500watts!! at idle) and generates more heat than my furnace. Not really suitable for all day background music. VK-60 is currently in the garage with the Sunfire back in the system. I'm very happy with the sunfire and only miss the VK-60 on rare occasions during critical listening sessions.

Overall I don't plan to ever part with the Kef speakers. I may swap the VK-60 in (during the winter! ), but the Sunfire is an outstanding match with these speakers. I use the "current source" outputs of the amp and the balance inputs from the VK-40.

Anybody want to buy a nice VK-60?
Any additional thoughts or amp experiences that anyone would like to share on what amps should be used for the older KEF 104/2 speakers without the bi-wire capability? I'm going to try using a Sumo Nine. From my normal listening position I'd be sitting at most 6ft away from the speakers a good amount of the time. Their may be some instances where I will be 15ft plus away and will have to turn it up.
Plinius would be a great match.
Hi Erikminer

Thanks for chiming in. I'll try to find a class A Plinius amp if they make one. I like class A even though it is so hot right now. Then I'm going to have to save my pennies and then find some space. From looking at some A'gon listings Plinius amps are large and are in the thousands even if they are used.
It's been many years since I auditioned the 104.2s - very fond memories. I seem to recall them being paired with Bryston.
Man it looks like these KEF 104.2 speakers really like the good stuff. Plinius and Bryston. Whew.. I'm hoping when my Sumo Nine comes back from the shop it has good synergy with the KEF 104.2s. Thanks again Phaelon for chiming in.