What amps for B&W 804 and HTM2?

To All Audio Experts,

CURRENT SPECS: I own B&W 804 front speakers and a HTM2 center speaker. I had them powered by Denon AVC-A11SR which is now completely broken beyond repair. I was not all too satisfied with the power provided by the integrated amp to my 804 speakers. I also have a run-of-the-mill progressive DVD player which also doubled for a CD player.

CURRENT USE: I mostly use my system for movies/music in the following allocation: 50%/50%.

NEED: I have between US$5,000 to US$7500 to spend on either (i) an integrated amp that is powerful enough to truly enjoy my 804 speakers or (ii) pre/power amp combination. The total cost should also take into consideration of the relevant cables needed (I think I should upgrade the cables as well).

I might spend another US$1000 on a very good DVD/CD combo player to upgrade such component from the existing equipment.

What is the best match for my current speakers (I want to be able to continue to use my HTM2 speakers in a 3 channel format)?

I don't think I will likely upgrade my speakers in the future (unless they break) nor will I spend more money to upgrade the amplifier once they are purchased (unless again they break).

Although, down the road in a few years, I may consider purchasing rear speakers/sub woofer but am not firm on this.

Lastly, I was recommended to go with Rotel RSP 1570 and RMB 1575 for pre/power amp combo but I understand this is a class D amp (which may be inferior, etc).

QUESTION: What is the best route to complement my current speakers under the proposed budget? I am NOT an audiophile but I also want to have the best components that I can be proud of and enjoy for many years to come without ever considering an upgrade.

I have used sunfire and mcintosh to power my 802's and HTM1 with that said I am currently using Classe power for both and hands down the best amps every mated with my B&W's
I've used the Rotel 1095 (1KW 5 ch.) and McIntosh mononblocks (MC501) with the HTM2d.

My Marantz reciever had more imaging and soundstage compared to the Rotel with some MK bookshelfs. That doesn't say much for the Rotel amp.

I now use the Rotel amp to drive my rear surrounds and have the monoblocks driving my fronts (sophia II's) and center (HTM2d).

I would try to find some used MC501 monoblocks. They had a fantastic Stereophile review (best review I've read from them) and I agree, they sound FANTASTIC!!
Try a Classe amp B&W owns classe I have one and the Matrix 802 s3 it works , sounds great
I have used Rotel 1072 which is class D on a pair of 703s and it did a really good job on the bass.

McIntosh and Classe' both sound good with B&W but there might be "better" buys out there. If you are not super picky you may be able to get away with the new Pioneer Elite recievers. The highest 3 models all use the "same" ice amps rated at 130 watts that are in the rotel from what I understand (correct me if I an wrong).
Hi Slim,

Try the ARCAM AVR500 or AVR600 or the AVP 888 pre-power combo. They are truly a masterpiece and after years of evaluation & trying different equipments, I have concluded that this makes for one the best audio combos in the world. You can spend the whole day listening to music or watching movies and you wont be tired. I have an Arcam B&W stereo setup. My best friend built the 600 series S3 theater with Arcam's older AVR350. Another close friend has invested in CM series speakers with AVR500 and an FMJ18 for stereo. Trust me, it will surpass all the amps people are taking about here. The best part we like about the arcam avr is that they sound as good as any high end stereo amp and thus it makes a very good investment for people who enjoy both movies n music. These are very refined, very robust and reliable amps for your money.

I am looking out for an arcam aplha 9 cd and arcam 8 amp so m here :-)

Happy listening...