What amps do you use with your Revel Salons/Studio

I'm using an EAD PowerMaster 2000, and was toying with the idea of going to a 2-channel, or getting a pair of monos. Not sure of tube/SS...what are y'all using?
The best and safest bet is mark levinson. The 436's or if budget is a concern the proceed HPA 2. I have revel studios and use harmonic precision 110 monos, but as happy as I am with them they have unique charateristics which I would suggest demoing before purchase. The ml amps are clearly appropriate.
A friend uses Pass X-600's with his Salons. He really likes the combination.
My Revel Studios are paired with a Mark Levinson 335 amp. I could not be more pleased.
For extra headroom and reserve, I bi-power my Salon with a ML 333 on the bass and a ARC 100 mk3 for mid and treble. I, this way, enjoy the pleasure and advantages of both solid state and tube design.
I also have Pass Labs X600 with my Salons. It's the best combination yet.
I also have this question... but my budget is in studio + PASS X350 range... Since two members already suggesting Salon + PASS X600 combo and think it's a good match, I assume studio + pass X350 will be good as well?
Don't overlook ML 333 ect. on the web. These are an excellent match. Pass is excellent as well but with different characteristics. Try to demo or run a search on audiogon for both and check out other comments on these pieces.
I just swtiched from powerful tube amps to a Proceed HPA-2 and the differences were remarkable. This amp has real synergy with the Studios.
Anyone pairing Studio's/Salon's with Bel Canto EV0's?
Or even hear the combo? If so please elaborate.
Hello, here's a vote for keeping the Powermaster. I have a PM 2000 as well, and fwiw, I think you will be hard pressed to do better for equivalent money, and even for quite a bit more. I ran a pair of studios with the EAD to tremendous results, and frankly, having also run them with a Levinson 333 I was unimpressed. Bi-amp with the PM and all's well. Great amp with great gain. As far as the Pass suggestions go, I sold my studios before I could demo with the 350. A great amp, but for the $ I still like the EAD. Just my 2--
Good luck.
I use a Krell 200C and am most pleased. Perhaps another amp might prove superior, but I and my friends find its sound remarkable.
My system consists of the following:
Sony SCD-1,
Bryston Bp25,
Bryston 4b-st,
XLR interconnects (much more pleasing than RCA, to me),
Cryoed Virtual Dynamics 3' Nite Power Chord to SCD-1,
2 Cryoed Virtual Dynamics 3' Signiture PC's to Brystons,
Cryoed Audio Magic Stealth power line conditioner,
AudioQuest Calderas and Volcano speaker wire.

Total cost of above was $9000 (including taxes). Most of the wires were purchased on Audiogon.

When I audition the Salons at a local hi-end salon I listened for 3 hours on an all ML system. The speaker wires on that system alone was 18,000 dollars. The demo amp, a ML No. 336 was priced at $8500. I felt that the system sounded so amazing, and I was so moved, that I ended up buying a pair of Salons 2 days later. That $50,000+ system was better than my current system but not by much.

I have the same emotional connection with my system as I did with the hot rod ML system. My weakest link is the Bryston 4b-st which will be replaced by the Bryston 14b in February. There is a review of the Bryston and Revel combination in the October 2002 Stereophile if you are into magazine reviews.

My current 4b-st, sounds a little slower and slightler brigter than the great sounding ML 336. I am not going to kid myself into believing that it is in the same league. But the addition of the accessories I mentioned above has moved the system up to a level that gives me about the same amount of pleasure as I experienced that day at the local salon. I am now a big believer in power chords and power conditioners.

Every dealer that I spoke with about the Bryston 14B-sst and the Salons says I am doing a great disservice to my speakers with that combination. However, my system sounds very pleasing to me right now. The change to the 14b-sst, which is considered a warmer sounding amp, I think will put me even closer to the sound I heard the day I decided to buy the Salons.

The Bryston 14B-sst is going to cost me $3000 used and has been favourably compared to the big ML and Krelll amps. For a cheap guy like me (that's why I mentioned prices in this reply) I think I am doing my wallet a great service.
The best I have heard the Revel Salons sound was with the Halcros at CES 2002. There was a top to bottom rightness about the sound, though still somewhat cold and lifeless. The Halcros and Salons had a kind of calm synergy, like two old friends meeting who like each other but are maybe too much alike to be best buddies.

A near second, and somewhat livelier version was with the Linn 500 watt monoblock pizza boxes we heard at Sounds Like Music in Phoenix, AZ a few years ago. They easily beat out the big Levinson 33s in a side by side comparison except that the 33s had just slightly more liquidity and solidity. But the Linns had more life, PRaT, naturalness (by a hair), speed (the Linns are FAST), and musicality. The Linn monos, however, are a little TOO fast sometimes and add a slight edge all of their own to some aspects of the music - some people finding them the slightest bit dry and lean.

Just some more data points, probably doesn't help you much though...

-Mike (Audio Federation)
I have heard the Studios at a dealer (who also is ML dealer)with a Rowland synergy/model 10, and it seemed to work well.

I am currently running my Salons w/ Levinson 33H's. I, like most audio enthusiasts, have heard a great many systems. However, the Salons paired with the 33H's are truly a match made in heaven to create my most realistic musical experience to date.
Sold the 33H's for the Lamm M1.2 Ref monos. BETTER!!
With Pass Labs you have the control,speed, depth and most important a very involving sound. In my opinion it is much more complete than any ML amp.

I think the new Pass Labs X350.8 will be a grat amp. Or go for a used 350.5 or 600.5
There are literally dozens of choices to choose from. And since everyone's tastes are different, then everyone's suggestions will be. My Revel/Levinson was a match for me. Many dealers ran the very same combo. In fact, Kevin Voecks, the principle person behind the Revel Brand, voiced these speakers using Levinson electronics. I've also seen Salons partnered with Pass, Audio Research, Ayre, Lamm and more. Do asuch listening as you can before deciding, because your ears should make the final decision.