What amps are the best for B W801/3?Help

I am looking for the amplifiers either Tube or solid state to run the B&W 801/3. Which one is the best match? Please help. Thanks.
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(nemo has been made to drive nautilus(like captain nemo))
sorry,forget my answer because you asked for old model and i answered for a new one.
BAT VK500 OR 1000
Solidstates work well, esp Rowland 8Ti. ML 336 or 33H will also do well. Krell fpb 300c too. You can also look at ARC VT-200 or even Ref 300 tube amps. I use 802M & after 7 yrs of SS amps, I'm now seriously considering tubes for my setup. SS have failed to give the emotions that tubes convey alongwith superior soundstaging, upper octive air and grainlessness. Others say bass is sacrificed but I feel it conveys better bass than SS.
I owned a pair on N803's for a year and found that Krell works well with these speakers. While Krell sounds bright in a lot of systems, I felt there was tremendous compatibility when matched with the N803's. There was tremendous depth, tight bass and articulate extended high frequency response. I have since moved on to a CJ/Wilson Audio system but did enjoy my time with the Krell/B&W system last year.
I have ARC Classic 150s driving my 801s with the North Creek crossovers. I'm very pleased with the setup.
According to my experience with these speakers, get some high current solid state amps, preferably ones with lots of smoothness and detail like Classe or, my nostalgic favorites, Nak PA-7. Then what you do is get a pair of whatever amps you choose and BI-AMP, one for the HF and one for the LF. This trick works great with 801s, not so much with other matrix speakers.
I do appreciate all for the suggestions. Thanks so much.
Get a good solid state Amp, like the the Levinson 332, 333, 335 or 336 Amp, Bat VK 500, Meridian 557 Amps bridged, which sound great. The Classe 25 was a very good Amp.