What amps are out there that are Class A, 50 wpc into 8 ohms?

This is NOT a buying advice question.

This is a purely theoretical question. A friend and I were trying to figure out what is available that is:

(a) Class A 

(b) 50w into 8 ohms or better

My guess is that the answers will be Pass, Sugden, and then very very expensive things like Gryphon. I'm curious to see what folks come up with.

Just for fun.



It is probably safe to say that it is over 50 watts of Class A power.

😁 What is safe to say is that it draws 120 Watts at idle.

This is a sort of 'who cares' thing since the point at which the amp goes from class A to AB isn't important; the amp is a class AB amp regardless. What is important is how well distortion is managed by the heavy bias (that's the reason for class A in the first place).

Vitus Audio MP-S201 » Audio Serum | HiFi to fall in love with

Vitus MP-S201 stereo amplifier delivers 25wpc in class A into 8ohms, or 50wpc class A into 4 ohms.  It can also run in class AB for 500wpc, 1000wpc. Class A or AB mode is user selectable.  We have one here at our shop.  It is a Beast! More importantly it sounds amazing - 

For about 15 years I had 3 Class A Amps.Two modified Threshold T-50's that were originally owned by a former Threshold employee. The amps were modified at Threshold to work as 90 wpc mono blocks. Also a classic Forte 4A 50 wpc amp. If you can find one on line pick it up. Always regretted selling that amp.

Old Sumo Nine, Pure Class A to all impedance loads. 60 watts to 8 and 120 to 4.