What Amplifiers Have You Heard In Your System and What Amplifiers Will You Always Keep

What Amplifiers Have You Heard In Your System and What Amplifiers Will You Always Keep In Your Collection (and Why)

I have heard the following amplifiers in my system:

Yamaha AV receiver—Home theater kept

CJ MF 2550–small easy to manage very spatial, powerful keep

David Berning ZH-270–15lbs, controllable negative feedback settings, a keeper

Carver Signature Sunfire 600—the Swiss Army Knife of amplifiers, keep

Carver Lightstar 1.0–busted but kept

John Iverson Eagle 2–excellent, spatial, powerful, manageable size and weight,keep

Crown 1500–these are surprisingly good little class D amps, keep, will probably sell

Yamaha p2150/2250–keep! These are amazing amps, especially mono blocked

Ampzilla 1974–music sounds just like you remember it sounding, keep

Ampzilla 2000–luscious, detailed, natural, currently in system

Pioneer AV Receiver—not so good sold

Sony AV receiver—very good sold

Emotiva XPA 200–fine entry level amp sold

Adcom 555–excellent, great amp, but sold

Behringer 1400 europower—too pushy, light hearing the sausage being made, sold

BAT VK-500–excellent, too big and heavy

BAT VK-250–a really great amp but sold

CJ Premier 350–don’t see what the fuss is about, sold

Spectron Muscian 3 Mk2–excellent, but details are odd, couldn’t drive Kappas

Quicksilver GLA—a beautiful sounding amp, great tempo and naturalness, but not powerful enough, and I don’t want to worry about tubes, sold

Belles 350A—worst amp I have auditioned, like nails on a chalkboard

Currently my system is:

TEAC 2300s reel to reel

Audio Technical Turntable

Oppo 105D ModWright

Mac Mini

Schiit Gungnir DAC

Sonic Frontiers Line 2 Pre

Ampzilla 2000 mono blocks

Thiel CS6 Speakers

Infinity Kappa 7’s, 8’s

Mogami interconnects

I have tried so many amplifiers in my system, too many to list and i have only kept two.Parasound hca3500-best overall amplifier i have ever heardSonic Frontiers Power 1-best tube amp i have ever heardFor my other systems i have found some other very good amplifiers.Harman Kardon citation 12accuphase 306vsoundcraftsmen a5002b&k stereo202 plustechnics setx100denon pma2000rsansui au717Haman Kardon 330bThese all sound good enough to keep for one or many reasons in a secondary system but i have twenty three pairs of vintage speakers so i have to keep a variety of amplifiers around to switch out and change when the need arises.
Krell KAV250- I tried to convince myself I liked this amp.
Parasound HC something - not my thing.
BAT VK250 - good amp but I found it a tad on the dark side.
Forte Model 4 - great little amp. Wish I still had it.
Mark Levinson 331.5 - a friend let me borrow this but I loved it.
early Rowland amp - same friend let me borrow. OK amp.
Pass Labs x250 - exceedingly neutral sounding amp, for better or worse.
Primaluna Dialogue Premium HP w/ KT150’s. The winner thus far.
A bevy of integrated amps both tube and SS.
Would like to try a PS Audio BHK and Hegel amp sometime.
As far as what I will keep? I never seem to.
Had several integrated amps over the years. Have only had three power amps over the years. Primaluna Dialogue Premium stereo - bought new, and enjoyed for a few years and sold. Moved to Audio Mirror 45w SET monoblocks (driving EgglestonWorks Fontaine Signatures) - wonderful amps and keepers. Also have a used Van Alstine Synergy 450 that I got directly from Van Alstine (225w per channel solid state). What a great amp, smooth yet detailed, and an incredible value. Bought it as a backup, but running it with Fontaines now. It is a keeper also. 
I started to compose a list of amps but the page refreshed or timed out.   Out of the numerous amps I’ve had over the years a few stand out.     B&K Sonata M200 monos...  great amps.  McCormack DNA 125 another great affordable solid state amp.   
VTL stereo 50.  TURD.  Sounded great when it worked.  Almost turned me off of tube amps.  
Best value. Brand new Anthem Amp 1 for $699.   Great amp, restored my love for tubes.  
Currently using Quicksilver Mid Monos.  Great amps,  Point to point amps that will take all the popular power tubes... for $1999 new?   Best value out there right now

Those will be replaced soon by a Toolshed Amps 300b.