What amplifier to get for Vandy 1 C's

Hi all,
This is my first post. Anyways, I think I am interested in upgrading my system's amplifier.
Listed components in my system are
Sota Saphire turntable> Cambridge audio 551P > NAD c325BEE>
Vandersteen 1C

I also use a playstation 3 or oppo DV 980-H to play cd's and a sansui sc-1110 for cassettes.

I think I want to break out the amplifier section of NAD and use a separate stage running out of the C325BEE preamp.

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A Creek 5350 is a really good match fur the 1C's. That would be my first choice without spending too much. If you can afford an Ayre CX-7, that would be even better. As far as using your NAD as a preamp, I don't think that would be the best move. If anything, use the amp section instead. Your speakers are revealing enough that you would see a bigger improvement with a different preamp.
I own the 1c's and they are great speakers for the $ --- and just really nice speakers in general. I have used a SS McIntosh amp (70 watt) and it sounded great. I have used an Ayon Spirit II tube integrated ((22 watts triode 38 or so pentode... something like that). Sounded even better. I really advocate tubes for the 1c. You do not need enormous power... just nice power.
I have a set of 1B's somewhere and they always sounded the best to me with tubes.
Zd542 is spot on
Try some AQ Interconnects and Speaker.
Make sure you have done the vertical
bubble level adjustment,then properly do both speakers with Laser tilt back.
I LOVED My 1Bs...sent 'em back for cloth replacement and sold them (too many cats messing with them back then), but what a great speaker. They're efficient so why not try an inexpensive tube amp? Well? Why not? Come on! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU!?...sorry...got carried away...whew...sorry man...wow...deep breath...
I second Robsker's opinion, a nice tube amp or tube integrated will sound great on these speakers. A local Philly dealer used to pair the 1B's with the EL34 hybrid AMC CVT-3030 (30 wpc) and it sounded terrific. I used my 1B's back in the day with a 50 wpc Creek 5050, also a nice match, although I know I would have liked tubes on the 1B's much better.
McCormack DNA 0.5
I'm having technical difficulties posting,
but in case this does post:
thanks for the replies...
both SS and tube.

does anyone know or have opinions about the jolida line?
Yes, and yes. I've owned a factory upgraded Jolida 502P and it's been amazing (year and a half or so). Quiet, very detailed, plenty of tube power...an excellent and accurate very musical amp, has XLR and RCA inputs, 8 or 4 ohm output (all rare at that price), the people at Jolida MD will talk to you, and Jason Statham bought one. I researched the crap out of currently available tube stuff, and Jolida got the nod as nothing comes close...a bargain.