What amplifier should I get....

I have two systems that share a preamp....Audible Illusions M3B w/phono....speakers are GPA 604K and Audio Note AN/e....I bought a VTV Purifi Eigentakt Eval1 amp which I am very impressed with...It is very neutral etc....I would like an amp that is more holographic, large soundstage as a compliment and another option etc....looking to stay solid state but open to tubes...Ive had mainly tube amps in the past but the Audible Illusions is enough tubes imo....Looking for something under 3k used...what do you think??


LOL!   From a quite recent thread, there was this:

Amp is an Amp it's all in the source. 


Well since I have tried a lot of different amps I can say that there definitely is a difference....However, I am quite impressed with the Class D amp I am using now so maybe there is something here.....still I am looking for a contrasting amp w/huge soundstage and holographic imaging... and trying for Class A but not against others....

With Class A amplifiers, your soundstage won't necessarily be "huge".  Some Class A amps can add a lot of "depth" because of the thickness and weight of the sound, but they are generally warmer and slower sounding amps.   I would look for a really good Class AB amp. 

My experience with Class D amps have never been exciting.  They can be very neutral and exacting, but they never sound engaging and "huge soundstage" to me.

What is your budget?  If you are looking to compare with your VTV, I would say that it may be hard to find a really excellent amp in the $1k range.

Hi-Fi Heaven has a used Music Fidelity M6s PRX amp for $2099.  I'm sure there are others.

Odyssey Audio has really good Class AB amplifiers.  (no trigger input for auto-turn on, though).

Odyssey Audio is of some interest to me as someone suggested them as a good match with my preamp...Budget can be up to 5k used for the right amp...especially if it has good resale value. The VTV is pretty amazing, if I wasn't looking for a different sound so I can contrasting sounds to switch between etc I could be happy with the VTV.