What amplifier should I get with Mag 3.6?

What preamp would you suggest as well. Thanks. Laurence
maggies love power there are a number of good amps out there. I`m in the process of buying the 3.6 and untill the the buget allow I`II be using my David Hafler Trans Nova P7000 which is 500wpc @ 4 0hms. I will eventually purchase the Audio Research D400 200wpc @ 8ohms which is the perfect am for me and my ARC LS22 preamp,ARC CD3 Player. My P7000 Hafler will always be around as my back up.
I would like to spend less than $1,500 used for an amp. And would really like thoughts on a pre-amp that would work with your recommendation. I have an old PS Audio 4.6 pre-amp from 1988 in excellent condition. Any experience with that? Thanks. Laurence
I've heard Magnepan's with a Marsh A400 and it sounded pretty good. The A400 should be available well under your price threshold. I think Marsh is a very underrated brand.

On the high end of your price range, it's relatively rare but you might find an Innersound ESL 300 that is designed for planar and electrostat speakers. Or perhaps one of the older high-powered Musical Fidelity amps might work.

Pairing an amp with Maggie's is always about some kind of compromise. The mids and top sound amazing and bloom with tubes, but most tube amps can't control the bass. Pairing a powerful solid state amp with them controls the bottom and tightens them up overall, but you lose that tube magic that works so well with the Maggie mid/top end.

LDWORET, there is a ARC D200 which is 200wpc se/bal conects up for sale in the audiogon ARC classifieds for 800.00 The persons name is Dave 716-433-7067 Try the solid state on the bottom tubes on top combo with the 3.6 you`ll like it. Im not to up on your PS 4.6 if its a tube preamp try it in the system and if it dosnt do the job there are a number of ARC preamps that will work for you and your buget. the ARC SP6A has sold for as cheap as 850. has phono stage the ARC LS-2B no phono stage 810.00 the ARC LS7 no phono 1000.