What Amplifier goes with KEF Reference 4?

Does anybody know how I can match my speakers (KEF Reference 4) with amplifer? I have 2 in mind, they are Krell KPB 200, ARAGON 8008, and McIntosh 240.

Suggestion? thanks!
EAD PowerMaster 2000 (If you can find one),
Cinepro 3K63SE GOLD (If you can find one) or the VERASTARR SSA64. You can Bi amp the Cinepro or the Verastarr.
That is what I have done.

Great amps with a great pair of speakers.

see www.verastarr.com
I have owned 2 different pairs of reference 4's. I matched the first pair with a PS Audio Classic 250 i was blown away
period!!! you can't go wrong with this combo,although you don't see the classic 250 for sale very often.
The second pair of 4's were driven with 2 Quad 909 amps biamped also very nice a little bright in the mid/high.
One combo i didn't like was krell ksa200s was very disappointed there.
Hope this helps
I have a set of 4~2's so not sure if this is relivant. I first paired them with a Sunfire Signature, nice sound however somewhat warm and slightly colored throughout. At present I use Power 3's from Sonic Frontiers, with excellent results, might not be as much bass, but it is very accurate. I feel that these speakers did come alive using tubes over solid state especially in the mids, however it would be nice to try other solid state amps.
Bruce what part of Canada are you in? I am in Calgary.
I had Kef Reference 2's they sounded superb with both Primare 30.1 and Quad 606II/66 combo. I also tried Perreaux with it, although the bass was the best with this in chain but the mids were nowhere near what Quad had to offer. I am sure the 909 would sould better than 606II, it has been very highly rated.

Reference 4 needs a bit of power so biamping with two 909 may work very well. The mids of 909 were compared to the Mark Levinson in one of the reviews I read. Do a search on google and you will come up with the review.

Good Luck
hi, i have tried them with a new perreaux 250p and they sound awsome.also tried a plinius and a friends krell but the perreaux was by far the best,the sound was more complete and filled the room with the perreaux than any of the others,m