What amplifier do you use for your Dahlquist DQ10s

I have an Adcom GFA555 currently but am looking to upgrade to a better sounding amplifier. I've been considering Aragon 4004/8008 (Mondial not Klipsch manufactured), Counterpoint SA20 or SA220 (but have heard a lot about reliability issues with Counterpoint), but I'm looking for other ideas. I like the Rogue Audio m150/180 mono blocked but don't want to spend that much. I am using a Rogue Audio Perseus preamp that I would like to keep in my system. Any suggestions or comments are greatly appreciated.
The Adcom GFA555 is a great match with the DQ10's I have also heard the Aragon 8008 with DQ10 and they worked and sounded really good.
You can try the Musical Concepts mod for your Adcom.
I have Karl's (the designer)alon II's and IV's and they sound great with Conrad Johnson/tubes
I owned the DQ 10's many moons ago! They need a good amount of power! There is a Conrad-Johnson MF-200 (200 watts per channel)listed on this site for $750. It would go real nice with the 10's! You can google that amp to find out more information. BTW they are great speakers!
My first instinct is a Muse One Hundred Sixty, this would be phenominal on DQ-10's...
My second thought would be a McCormack DNA .5 or DNA-1...
Third I think of a Sumo Andromeda II...
Fourth Hafler Transnova 9500
and Lastly Musical Fidelity A3CR Power Amp...
These amps are all capable, will all sound good with the Dahlquist and will run from $500 to $1000.
It is normally thought that these speakers need a lot of power, in reality, they need an amp capable of current (which comes with power)...
I have a pair of DQ-10s that I drive with Proceed HPA-2's (250w/ch). I also drove them in an HT setup with a Parasound A51 (250w/ch also) both to good effect - they loved the power!
As others have said, current drive is the real requirement. The other suggestions of a DNA 1.0 (not the 0.5 though) or Muse 160 or CJ MF-200 if tubes are your fancy are very good too. Although I believe the DQ's were designed to thrive on transistor power. Oh, I really like the Aragon 8008 too!
M297904, the CJ MF-200 is a metal–oxide–semiconductor field-effect transistor (MOSFET) amplifier, not a tube amp.
A lot of good recommendations.
Thanks for the advise. It will be helpful in my decision.
Fanofdq10s, have you done any crossover upgrades to your DQ10s? I had my done (a long time ago) and the improvement was very noticeable. With the new caps available today, I imagine the improvement to be even greater. Just a thought.
Brf, thanks for the advice. I have definitely thought of upgrades on them. Ultimately I will be upgrading caps and wiring for sure. I have a great stereo shop where I live that I have dealt with for many years that will do the upgrades. I'm just waiting until I upgrade or replace the amp
DQ-10's love big solid state amps and good tube amps. If I had a pair and a Perseus I would absolutely go for a Rogue Atlas Magnum. Ask Mark about putting KT150's in it.

Most of the solid state stuff people are recommending here would be 'meh' with DQ-10's.
I would love to pair them with Rogue M180 mono blocks. I have ultimately ended up buying an Aragon 4004 Mark II.
Bet the 4004 does a very good job.
Always thought it was a great amp and not just for the $$.