What amplification would fit Tannoy td12

I realy like Tannoy td12 and need to make sure the play at their best.Now I have Naim cds2, Cr developmnet Romulus modified.I listen all types of music from classical,jazz to electronica,experimental but mostly progrock and 70's rock.I don't know if the tube integrated amp from England is pushing them enough to make them really sing.After 9 o'clock position seem to distort a bit.Tannoy's are 92db efficient.I am thinking about some Densen,maybee Sugden or going back to Naim amplification (Naim seems to me too pricey ).I like to spend up to $3000 used.Maybee if i spent this amount I will not see any improvment in sound.Maybee I need to choose diffrent route like going with some very powerfull integrated?Can someone advice I am very confused.When I heard those big systems in listening rooms I was not very impressed that's why I never obtained these big machines Krell etc. That also why I have what I have but sometimes when I want to play music very loud (like going mad on some heavy rock)I can't and that's what really botthers me I guess.
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the td12 are alright, i had a pair of td15 which is supposed to be equal to the jbl 4430. i believe the tannoy speakers look better on paper then how they sound in reality. i found the jbl played alot louder and will not distort till it reaches 120db. the 4430 compression driver is 4x the size of the driver in the tannoy and the voice coil in the woofer is 2x the size! the 4430 are 2 way like the tannoy and can be biamped for even greater headroom. listen to a pair of 4430 or even the 4425 and you will see the difference. i been using the 4430 for 20 yrs now with solid state 150 watt amps (luxman) and i reach tremendous volume and dynamic range with excellent transient response. led zep and cream go as loud as i want them to go!!! no distortion!! even bigger...try the jbl 4435!! mike
I don't know if you know I have Tannoy TD12 Dimmension series.I think that the speaker is very good,it can handle a lot more it may just need better amp.Distortion does not come from the speaker but from underpowering them.Or am i wrong?