What amplification do you suggest for Magnepan MG20.1?

I have a new pair of Magnepan MG 20.1 and would love to have comments from anyone with experience with these or MG 20R in terms of amplification. Are you running them stereo amp, bi-amped? What brands have you had success using?
Well, I do not have the 20.1's (I wish I did), but I do have the Maggie 3.6's.

I have a few suggestions for the 20.1's. It boils down to how much $$$ you want to spend.

I would first suggest Plinius amps. Either 2 SA100 mk3's in MONO (my amps of choice in my system) or 1 SA250 mk4 or 2 SA250 Mk4's in MONO (ungodly power).

SA100 mk3's can be had used for around $2400 (each). SA250's can be had new (if you know where to look) for about $5-6k (each).

In that price range as well is the Sim Audio Moon W-10 monoblocks (10k new). They will drive the Maggies quite nicely (1500 wpc into 4 ohms).

If you have a bigger budget I would investigate either the Pass 600 X or 1000 X monoblocks. I have heard/read that these are two of the best amps on the planet. They should drive the Maggies exceptionally well.

In general, you really need an amp able to deliver high current and at least 500wpc into the Maggies. The more current and wattage the better. Do not even contemplate driving these speakers with tubes... You theoretically can... however, 40 watts of power can 'theoretically' drive the Maggies. Does it sound good? No.

I have heard MG20s driven by a Plinius SA250 mk3 with a huge tube amp (I fail to remember the brand) running the top end. The sound was great.

If I were to pick tubes for the top end of the Maggies, I would choose some high power ARC tube amps. Perhaps VT200s? This would be the minimum. A VT100 would be ok... but more power would be better. I always though ARC tube gear sounded more powerful than it's rating.

Anyway, I have tried so many amps with my 3.6's and I keep coming back to my Plinius SA100 mk3's in MONO (665wpc into the Maggies). These amps are the best I have heard driving the 3.6's. I am sure they would do well with the 20.1's. Heck you could get used ones, and use the surplus on getting a killer digital section (i.e. dcs gear).

This and a two bucks will get you a coffee at Starbucks.


You're going to need a ton of power. I'm going to run my 20.1s, supposed to arrive soon, with the Classe Omicron and see how it works.
If money is not an issue try cello, Rowland or the ultimate set up of 4-BAT VK-150se tube amps bi-amp the drivers if possible. I would not think of using anything 'cheap' on speakers like that, Keith gave you lots of good suggestions so take your time and listen to them all.

Good Luck,
any goldmund amps but the king of the hill is 29.4 millenium version
I'd add the Innersound ESL monoblocks or ESL stereo amp to your list.