What amp would you suggest for Magnepan MG12s

I really love the Magnepan speakers I want the 1.6s but they are too big for my place, so I am going with the MG12s. I really need some suggestions on the correct amp to pair with these speakers. I am thinking about the following amps (but I am open to suggestions sub $2500 used) Cary CAD120s, Audio Research VS55, VS60 or possibly a McIntosh if I can afford it or a perhaps an integrated: Cary SLI 80, McIntosh MA6300, 6500 or 6600, Audio Research VSI55,VSI60, or an Integrated Krell or Ayre. What does everyone think?

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The new NAD amp at $1200 might be a very good choice (See Sam Tellig's Oct column in Stereophile). If you want tubes, I am currently using a H H Scott 222c with Musical Fidelity 550K Superchargers. You should be able to do this used for under $2500.