What amp would you suggest for Magnepan MG12s

I really love the Magnepan speakers I want the 1.6s but they are too big for my place, so I am going with the MG12s. I really need some suggestions on the correct amp to pair with these speakers. I am thinking about the following amps (but I am open to suggestions sub $2500 used) Cary CAD120s, Audio Research VS55, VS60 or possibly a McIntosh if I can afford it or a perhaps an integrated: Cary SLI 80, McIntosh MA6300, 6500 or 6600, Audio Research VSI55,VSI60, or an Integrated Krell or Ayre. What does everyone think?

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If you want to try an inexpensive solution (or cheap backup), a vintage Luxman R117 (160 watts/ch 8ohm) receiver ($250-325) would do nicely and if you don't play loud orchestral music but listen mostly to jazz and vocals you might get away with a luxman R115 (75 watts/channel)receiver ($125-200). I've used the big receiver with my 1.6's and it was surprisingly good. Had to spend 15X as much to get better sound (lector zoe preamp and threshold or innersound esl amp).
If you want the best of both worlds, you can use a solid state amp and a tube pre-amp. That is the more expensive solution that I use with my 1.6's. However, I think that you would be shocked at how good the vintage luxmans sound with the maggies. The R117 is rated down to 2 ohms and will handle the 12's and the 1.6's with ease. Save yourself a couple of thousand dollars and for the price of some good interconnects try a really fine vintage high current R117 receiver (if you can find one in VG condition as the volume pots can go bad)). You can always add a tubed CD player or tube buffer but I don't feel it is necessary as the amp section isn't bright or harsh. If you want to spend a lot more, try a lector zoe preamp and an innersound esl 300 mark 2 amp.