What amp would you suggest for Magnepan MG12s

I really love the Magnepan speakers I want the 1.6s but they are too big for my place, so I am going with the MG12s. I really need some suggestions on the correct amp to pair with these speakers. I am thinking about the following amps (but I am open to suggestions sub $2500 used) Cary CAD120s, Audio Research VS55, VS60 or possibly a McIntosh if I can afford it or a perhaps an integrated: Cary SLI 80, McIntosh MA6300, 6500 or 6600, Audio Research VSI55,VSI60, or an Integrated Krell or Ayre. What does everyone think?
If you want to try an inexpensive solution (or cheap backup), a vintage Luxman R117 (160 watts/ch 8ohm) receiver ($250-325) would do nicely and if you don't play loud orchestral music but listen mostly to jazz and vocals you might get away with a luxman R115 (75 watts/channel)receiver ($125-200). I've used the big receiver with my 1.6's and it was surprisingly good. Had to spend 15X as much to get better sound (lector zoe preamp and threshold or innersound esl amp).
The new NAD amp at $1200 might be a very good choice (See Sam Tellig's Oct column in Stereophile). If you want tubes, I am currently using a H H Scott 222c with Musical Fidelity 550K Superchargers. You should be able to do this used for under $2500.
Get yourself a used Krell 300iL. This will give you 200-400 watts and power the Maggies correctly.
I have tried many different amps that have all sounded good with my 1.6's but I'm staying with my Wyred 4 Sound monoblocks.
I would highly recommend the Emotiva XPA-2 for $825 new shipped to your door. I'd be willing to bet that spending more would gain you little. I cant believe how good it is, and sold off my Bryston 4bsst because I was 100% happy with the XPA. The XPA-2's go quick on audiogon.
I have 1.6's and I would not suggest tubes. Tubes amps do not have enough control over the LF and those panels need an amp with good dampening...
Thank you everyone for your answers. It does not look like there is a consensus on which amp would work the best with the Magnepans. I have hear I should get a tube amp with some power because a solid state amp that is too "bright" could cause the Maggies to sound harsh. But I have also hear that not to use a tube amp with the Maggies. (Mixn4him suggested not to get tubes because they don't control the LF and the Maggies need an amp with good dampening.) Forgive me but I don't know what dampening in terms of amp audio is- would someone be so kind as to give me more info? Thanks!
Try a Bryston amp like the 4BSST or later generation. The 3BSST may be enough for this smaller speaker in a small room. They Bryston is magical on the Magggie speakers. I have both the 3.6 and 1.6, Bryston is great. The Quicksilver Silver monos are great on the 1.6, and I mean real good. jallen
Recommend you take a look at the Planar Speaker forum over on Audio Asylum, here ; the server is down today (Monday 1/4) but hopefully will be back soon. The vast consensus in that forum is for a solid state amp which can deliver high current (typically one that doubles power from 8 ohms to 4 ohms, possibly to 2 ohms). Some (including me) pair the SS amp with a tube pre-amp. Maggie typically demos their speakers with Bryston amps at audio shows, in line with Jallen's post. Others recommend various Class D amps (I use an Audio Research 150.2) but Class D also has a lot of detractors, so that's one that requires a personal listen. But if you look at the Forum you will see quite a few questions regarding recommended amps and the related responses, many more than in a more general forum such as this one.
One amp for sure is the Modified Moscode 300 or 600. MOdified is more refined than stock units. But with a few upgrades a stock unit especially the 600 will surprise you. The Odyssey Stratos is another high current amp that should also do a great job on the Maggies. I would prefer to have a tube preamp in the front end with those amps. The amps you mentioned above will work well with the maggies too. If you are a rocker and want to play very loud by all means go for the power. But if you are on a budget the Moscode 600 will make them sing. If you can find one. The newer Moscode amps will do a truly wonderful job too.
If you want the best of both worlds, you can use a solid state amp and a tube pre-amp. That is the more expensive solution that I use with my 1.6's. However, I think that you would be shocked at how good the vintage luxmans sound with the maggies. The R117 is rated down to 2 ohms and will handle the 12's and the 1.6's with ease. Save yourself a couple of thousand dollars and for the price of some good interconnects try a really fine vintage high current R117 receiver (if you can find one in VG condition as the volume pots can go bad)). You can always add a tubed CD player or tube buffer but I don't feel it is necessary as the amp section isn't bright or harsh. If you want to spend a lot more, try a lector zoe preamp and an innersound esl 300 mark 2 amp.
I can tell you not trying a Emotiva XPA-5, and a mills resistor is a mistake. More money doesnt mean better. As far as resistors, spend $10 at parts express, grab every size 10w .39 cent each resistor pair from 0.22 to 3.0 ohm. When you find the right resistor your looking for, pick up a mills 12 watt in that size from parts connexxion in Canda for $14 shipped to you. The mills DESTROY the cheap resistors.
I'm using an ARC 150.2 Tripath amp on my 1.6's. It's a wonderful combination. A Vandersteen sub fleshes things out, as well as opening up the soundstage even more!
Magnepan and Audio Research are very good together!
Good luck