What Amp with KEF 105.2?

I have a JVC SS amp from the mid to late 80's that kicks out 120W/channel, kinda high end for it's time (a consumer version of JVC's Pro series) A-X900 series. Got it as a package with a pair of KEF 104.2(bi-amp) version.It sounded great in my living room till the internal woofers gave way. Was wandering if it would be a good match with a pair of kef 105.2's. The speakers i currently use with the JVC sounds thin in the bottom end, forcing me to use the loudness button and engage the tone controls which i dont like to do, since i prefer to bypass the tone or leave the treble and bass switch on the 12 O'clock mark. I also listen to my music kinda low (jazz, classical) since i leave in an apartment
I owned KEF 105/2 speakers many years ago. You need a high quality amplifier to control that large woofer. After trying several amplifiers I settled on a Krell KSA 80B. It was also a good match for the KEF's laid-back sound quality. Also, those heavy woofers have a tendency to sag over time. Inspect the woofer surrounds for an equal gap on the top and bottom. If the bottom gap is smaller remove the woofer and turn it over 180 degrees to center the woofer cone.

I assume your advice applies to 107/2s as well. I use a Proceed HPA 3 (500 watts/channel into 4 ohms) with my 107/2s and a 102. I realize that may seem like overkill for 90 dB sensitive speakers, but it sounds great. Previously I used a Proceed Amp 3 (250 watts/channel into 4 ohms), and that combination sounded fine too, just not quite as fine. I suspect the difference in sound is due to more than power.

A big, beefy, hi-current amp is what you want. I *loved* those speakers back in the day - but they sure could suck up some juice. I reckon at least 200 watts/ch. of hi-current amplification would od them jusitce.

BTW, the advice to rotate the woofers is spot-on...

I still have my 105/2s. I ran them with a pair of Meridian 105 monos. 100wpch. minimum. 7db headroom. I had no problem driving those 86db pigs. The key here is current. I still have the 105s too. Awesome amps with serious bottom end control. Good luck finding a pair of those on the used market. The only other amps I found to better them are the Acoustat TNT200 and 120.
thanks guys, looking forward to giving you guys a feedback. I think i would go for the Anthem 225 int amp
How many times do you have to rotate the woofer, or can you keep on rotating it indefinately. Are they still what aquiring, after all its about 30yrs old. I have a guy offering to sell his for 450.00. He has done some minor modification, but nothing that has changed it to much sonicly.
Do you think i should refoam my 104.2's, instead of buying the 105.2. The 104.2's are a little newer (circa 1989/90) and don't have the woofer sag issues
Try Bryston as well. They're cheap on the used market.
If I were to buy a pair of Kef 105s, I'd find a pair of the first series. They were far better built, weigh twice as much and got better reviews. The isolastic driver mounts are what specd the series 2s a bit better but at the expense of a large dynamic margin. I bought mine new in 79 and was soon sorry I didn't hunt down the series 1. Incidentally, the Kef/1s are also significantly better than their first generation B&W 801 counterparts.
Caveat!, I haven't actually heard this combination together, but I would imagine the McCormack amps would work very well with the KEFs.
I pump 28 VAC triode tube watts into a pair of KEF 104.2's and they fill a two story room quite nicely. I've tried much higher powered solid state and thought they were far less involving.
Don't forget Belles.
I've had a McCormack DNA-1 Deluxe as well as a DNA .5 Deluxe and each more than handled my KEF 104/2 Reference speakers. The sound was very nice to me. Very open and airy. With the DNA-1s the music was a little more forward sounding then when I had them powered with the DNA .5 Deluxe amp. I know this isn't an exact comparison but I really think the KEF 105.2s will match well with a McCormack DNA-1. If you could get monoblocks that would be even better.

Also if you are a good DIYer I would say refoam the 104/2s and for the tweeters get the ferro fluid changed. I had this done to my KEF 104/2s and am happy. The repairman checked everything and it was his feeling that the KEF 104/2s when refurbed can compete with speakers in the $1500-$2000 range.
Citation 16 or Adcom 355. Are you running a JVC A-X9 integrated? I've got one coming and am curious how well it drives various speakers. While it's rated at only 150 watts, it delivers a lot of current and I believe runs Class A for 5 or 7 watts, not sure it's pure Class A -- something JVC called "Super A".
It's been a very long time since I had a pair, but they did like power. Why not find some ICE power or a hypex? The bass will be awesome and transparency 2nd to none.

Check the caps in the xover. A modest modern cap will bring extra detail and remove some grain.

I second the rotation of the woofers 180 degrees.