What amp with Innersound Eros ?

What kinds of amplifiers have you used with your Innersound Eros (active) speakers ? I'm interested in the observations of people who have owned or tried a variety of power amps with these speakers, particularly tube amps.
The best sounding amps I ever had driving the Eros were the Monarchy Audio SE-160 tube/MOSFET monos. The tube amps I tried, including a highly modified Dyna ST-70 and a Music Reference RM-9 Signature did not work that well. I don't think that most tube amps will deal well with the dramatic impedance curve the Eros presents.

I'd look for a good tube/MOSFET hybrid amp like the Monarchy's. I'm now using the NuForce Reference 8 and Reference 9 amps with very good results on other speakers... With a nice tube preamp up front, the NuForce, and other high quality solid-state amps should work well with the Eros. Just make sure the particular amps you select will work well with low impedance, high-capacitance loads. Good Luck.
Peferably an amp with humongous amount of power. I would try for 1000 watts if you could. I just couldn't get enough power for these speakers with a 300 watt amp. If you play music very quiet then you might be OK with less, but I always felt I was at a lack for power unless using big power amps.
I know this is going to start something on here but I have used several amps with a set of EROS mk2 and now on Mk 3.5.
Bryston 4bst and7Bst. Ear 519 Tube and finally a set of Atma-sphere Ma1 Silvers both as stock and now with resistor and power supply upgrade by Atma-sphere.
The Ma1 OTL amps are without a doubt fantastic with these speakers. The brystons were good and the 7B's are known to drive difficult loads but nothing I have heard sound as good as the silvers. I do use Speltz autoformers with the speakers. I find that I don,t actually need them but I was told they may prolong tube life?
Another heresy is that I no longer use the internal crossover amp on the base speakers. I have found that tube amps sounds better on bass also. I realise what I am saying here but I trust my ears and this was an easy call.
Definition of transparency must be this set up.
I tried the InnerSound amp... It was decidedly bright on the Eros. Also, the upper bass was a bit thin. But maybe you'd like a bright, thin, but dynamic sound. :)

Then again, the Innersound amp sounded pretty good on the Eros when I used it with a tube preamp that plumped the upper bass and rolled the top a bit.
i huge mac_at least a 352(350w per channel), would drive them just fine....very neutral too...no edginess
Thanks for all your responses. I am currently using an ARC VT100 MkII. I am not using a preamp, but rather the volume control on the crossover-amp. I do not like a bright sound, so I'm not sure the Innersound amp would work for me. Anybody tried the MC275 ? How about Wolcott ? Anybody used the i-tube (Western Reseve Audio Design) ? Plato, are you still using the Inersound crossover, just not the built in amp ? thanks
I am using the Innersound amp (the current iPower 333) with a Transcendent Sound grounded grid tube preamp, and I don't think it's an overly bright amp, but an ACCURATE amp. I had used Monarchy SM70 Pro monoblocks before, and liked them, but the Innersound amp bested them in dynamics and top end extension (still, the Monarchy amps are nice.)
Try Joule Electra. Hey that is a great speaker. The best results I achieved was with the Joule Electra OTL amps. A fantastic combination that had realistic instrumental color, huge dynamics both micro and macro, superb midrange and extended high end response. The Joule amps had that magic that helped people feel they were at a concert, not listening to reproduced sound. These amps are rock steady, sound better than the atmasphere products, are built better, and should prove to be more reliable.
I am using a 200 watt old Proton and I have no issues with volume or sound, I do like a tube pre with them though (Sonic Frontiers)I am also still using the Innersound Crossover......for a week or so longer. BIG changes are on the way for my system hehehhehhe
Markmaloof writes:
"I am using the Innersound amp (the current iPower 333) with a Transcendent Sound grounded grid tube preamp, and I don't think it's an overly bright amp, but an ACCURATE amp."

Well yeah, like I said, using a tube preamp to roll the top works pretty well. And yes, the Transcendent preamp, which I had in my system (and pretty much all other tube preamps) seem to roll the upper treble to my ears.

, if you're using the InnerSound crossover amp you probably won't like the InnerSound amp on the Eros because that crossover amp (made by Coda like the ESL amp), will not mask the brightness.
Henry Wolcott's CA-250 industrial monoblocks: 225Watts per side; Eight 6ca7's, two 12dw7's, two 12at7's per side.
I've used a variety of ss,tube and hybrid amps to drive the Innersound EROS.My favourite and current reference is a Cary V12.As you maybe aware there is a natural synergy between tubes and electrostats,which in my system is quite evident,solid state just doesn't allow the speaker to realize its full potential,at least the ones I have auditioned.And you don't require a gazillion watts to drive the EROS,the Cary in triode at 50 wpc is magic.
I've owned two versions of the Innersound Eros. The first pair I used the Bel Canto SET 40 on the panels and the sound was absolutely superb. I agree, contrary to popular opinion, the Eros doesn't require huge amounts of power.
The best,IMHO, is OTL amp by Joule-Electra. Nothing come close.

If too expensive, don;t like OTL amp maintance, too much heat etc then Spectron - amplifier designed to deal with reactive load speakers; very powerful and yet etraordinary musical. Can be paired with Joule-Electra latest LA-300ME preamp - no roll-off highs or mushy bass there !
The Sanders Sound Systems Magtech amplifier. Try it, you'll like it.
I have a pair of Kaya's. Which are similar but a little larger.

I have tried four different amps with these. First amp I used was a Parasound A21. This worked pretty well though a little under powered. In its price range I don't think you could do any better though.

Next amp I tried was Audio Valve Challenger 180. These tube mono blocks put off a ton of heat and where a little to soft sounding for my taste.

Then I tried a McIntosh MC275 which is way to underpowered for these speakers but sounded quite nice under about 84 dbs.

My current amp is a Innersound DRP-500. At 500 watts per channel it drives these quite well. Nice clean sound no distortion even at ear splitting levels.

I do recomend using a tube preamp if you use solid state amps with these speakers. I'm using an Aesthetix Callisto partial eclipse with the Innersound amp and the sound is awesome.

As for tube amps I would stay away from anything under 200 watts as a general rule. I have read that someone had good results with a Rogue Zeus with their Kaya's but forget what their user name is.

I would like to try Atma-sphere MA-2's one of these days funds and space allowing ;).

If you find the right combo of gear these speakers are hard to beat.


Just realized this is a 5 year old thread. OP has probably found an amp by now.