what amp will mate well with my gear?

Hi all,
I am running a sonic frontiers sfl1 pre with MIT330 inter's with VMPS FF3SRE speakers with outboard cross-over,
I am currently using an Aragoon 4004MK11 for the bass, and an old Proton wich only gives me about 200watts for the mid and tweets, I think this amp is my weak link and would like to know any ideas of a replacement that doesnt cost a ton....tubes or SS although I never have had a tube amp I am curious of this option aswell, I am on a fixed income so please no exotic priced gear, just good solid performance that is financially obtainable...thanks
sf tube amp would be great
Keep the Aragon SS for the bass. There are a ton of used moderately priced and powered tube amps that are very good. I wouldn't go to a true flea powered SET unless your absolutely certain it will work with your array of mids and tweets the way you like, they can sound very thin in the wrong set up. Don't be afraid to try a Chinese Push Pull EL34 amp for great midrange and good high end. but Be prepared to roll the tubes from Sovteks or stock Sino tubes to something better like JJs not expensive, they current production, don't fall for the reissues they are a Sovtek in disguise. The sweetest most musical highs come from EL84s but there are only a few amps that use them. Look under tube amps decide your budget and audition. Search Best of Forums here or Amps on Audio Asylum. Good luck.
Have you considered using an Aragon 8008st or 8008bb? They are a more refined version of the 4004, and they don't cost big money. I had one about five years ago, and was happy with it.
I'd probably start by replacing those MIT 330 interconnects with something a lot less capacitive. It will make as much difference as changing to different amps, but will probably cost less.
Thanks for the replies, I fear my desire is greater than my budget...one can always dream right?

Amplifiers are responsible for much more than most folks realize! You are in a difficult situation because you have more than one component that could be keeping you from Sonic City - namely the amp and interconnect.

Buying amplifiers is a tough task because of the power to realism tradeoff. With a SET - you won't shake walls, and with a Krell - you won't get the impression that you are in the front row of the performance. To me, The Krell, Mark Levinson, and other high end SS amps sound like great stereos; but, a tube amp built right can put you in the first ten rows of the performance! The lower in power you go - the closer seat you get to the stage.

Amp Recommendations:

IMHO I have only heard two SS amps that I could listen to and enjoy if I had to - Pass Labs Aleph 3, and McCormack DNA 125. These two come close to tube like sound.

As for tubes, for me the nod goes to SET. However, if you want some of the SS type power with tube sound - you may as well give the Conrad-Johnson a listen. The MV60 does a very respectable job with the frequency spectrum. I say this because they have been around for years, sound great, have great customer service, and are located in Fairfax, VA.

For SET, if you won't build your own - look at the Billie/Lady Day for a little over $1K, or the Moth Audio. Interconnects? Grab a used pair of JPS Superconductors and enjoy.

Hope this helps

Chadnliz, I hope you will give the system a little privacy while the mating is going on, wink, wink, nod, nod.