what amp will match well with Tyler acoustics

What amp will match well with Tyler acoustics Woodmers?
I own the Linbrook Signature Series. Yes, they are a bit smaller but I have the following combo- preamp is Audio Horizons and two Classe CA-150's. I bi-wire my speakers and have had custom brass footers made. The tube pre and solid state amps make for a very dynamic and musical combination. I enjoy violin, piano, orchestral, rock and folk music. The system plays nicely at low and high levels. Hope you can find a similar combination which will make your speakers sing. Steve
What is your budget? I drive my D1's with an Edge NL 10.1 which is terrific....
Well,Im using,with great sucess,an Art Audio Carissa Signature SET making 16 wpc with my Woodmeres.

I've also used a 350 wpc McIntosh MC402.

Now I dont suggest a flea powered SET, but what that tells me is that just about any well made amp (within reason),will mate very with them. So your choices are VERY wide,indeed!
using nuforce ref 18s now with my d1s and could not be any happier with my systems synergy and the sound it gives me. tys d1s are very large floor standers and will throw a wide outside the speaker wall of sound which makes my listening sessions very enjoyable.
Davvie has a good point. Ty used to use a Jolida 300b on his Woodmeres. He even used it at a show a few years ago. How large is your room?
I had the LSS, and tried it with several amps. It sounded very good with both Herron M1 monoblocks and the McCormack DNA-125 revision Gold. It sounded a bit flabby and flat with the Cary/AES Sixpacs and a Jolida EL34 integrated, and awesome with the Karan integrated I had for a bit (that amp packs more current than any of the others). I think my speakers needed a bit of juice for a nearly 700 square foot room, plus they weren't all that easy to drive. I am not 100% sure, but the Woodmere should be about the same load as the LSS was. I just didn't have great success with lower-powered tube amps-my experience was the same as the 1st poster's: the more current, the better. I have also heard good recommendations for Rowland's stuff (especially the older Concentra line), as well as McIntosh. Haven't tried those, though.

FWIW, the new Decade line is quite a bit tube friendlier, aside from the 300b amps I tried. KT88 amps have driven them just fine.
my room size is 12x22x8 my budget is 3000.00 I would like to try monoblocks.
I`m driving my Linbrooks with bass monitors with DUSSUN V8i. I`m just using the power section. The grip and control and sound is just amazing! Fantastic integrated amplifier 500 watts into 4 ohms and well within your budget.
I would try some Rogue mono's like the 150 or 180. Rogue sounds very good with Tylers.
Bel Canto Ref 1000
I use the Pass 30.5. I have the D1's and they do not require a lot of power. I find this combination very smooth and the vocals are wonderful. Stephen