What Amp will go best with Magnepan MMG?

I just acquired a pair of Magnepan MMG speakers and I was wondering what system I could buy on a budget. I really don't want to spend a lot but I want to hear these speakers at their best. What I need is a Amp and tuner at not a very high price. Thank you for any suggestions.
something like an acurus a100 ($700) would work well, or adom gfa 545 or 5400, parasound hca-1000 this would give you enough power to crank it if necessary with these amps for volume control you could use a creek passive preamp obh-12 and any tuner (cheap active preamps sound bad) for convenience it would be hard to beat an nad integrated amp (c340 or c317) tom
I have had excellent results with a little Arcam integrated amp. Arcams tend to be warmer than most inexpensive amps, and while you are waiting for your baby Maggies to break in you can give 'em a touch of bass on the tone controls. Just don't tell. Arcam is better than NAD C340 with Maggies in my opinion - I've used both.
After 20 years of experience with a various Maggies, I would suggest you buy a used Classe', i.e., Seventy of 100. They do a much better job of controling the panels and allowing them to sing and slam. I have used Adcoms, Carvers, G.A.S. and others and by far the Classe' are more than worth your time. You may want to try an intergrated from Classe' as an alternatine to separates. It is a good value on the used market and a great combo.
I own the MMG's, among many others, and YOU'LL NEVER GET THE MOST OUT OF THESE ON A TIGHT BUDGET, so save your nickels! I have a Krell amplifier, and it sounds the best with whatever speakers I use with it (cone or planar). I also suggest buying ASC Frescoes to put behind and beside the MMG's (I also use ASC "fullrounds" in the corners of may smaller room. The upper bass has better pitch definition than my Sennheiser HD-600 Headphones!!). Additionally, you need to bypass the resistor and fuse jumpers with quality silver wire. I did this without soldering or cutting anything, AND DUDE, they're magnificent!! THE ICING ON THE CAKE IS to augment with a top class subwoofer like the Velodyne HGS series (or better), unless you're in a VERY VERY small room.
How will Van Alstine Ultra 350 hybrid power and pre amps work with these MMGs?
Since the Maggie MMG's are fairly inexpensive, but they thrive on high power, as do all Magnepan planar speakers, I would opt for the excellent and reasonably priced Emotiva XPA-2 two channel amp at 300 watts/channel into 8 ohms and 500 watts/channel into 4 ohms.

I just purchased a pair of MMG's and initially drove them with, believe this, a Cayin A50-T in triode mode, 16 watts. (The Cayin had 4 ohm taps) Obviously that was too little, but they sounded excellent. I stepped up to a NAD 375BEE which is 150 watts per channel into 4 or 8 ohms, and the difference is...the difference. ($1500 new) Lots of power on reserve, and just way more forward. I'm not that concerned with the lack of bass that's too often noted about Maggies in general. I'm using AntiCables. I'd look for an integrated such as I have with at least 100 watts per channel. I've seen the NAD, already, used, for $1200-$1300. But I'd also wager they'd sound great with a Marantz 2330b or old Pioneer!