what amp under a grand?

I have vienna acoustic mozart grand marantz sr5005 avr,marantz 8001 sacd,vieanna theatro center,b&w 600s3 for rears,current amp adcom 555mk2.looked at used parasound hca 2003 thx, rotel rb 993, and and an adcom 5802.im fine with the performance the marantz gives me for ht but for two channel sound is muddy. i think its the amp? any advice on a used amp that would bring out the detail of the mozarts?
06-08-14: Jughead
"yet another curve ball! 2125 is sold, but i have a chance at a hca 1500a.im sure this would be a good match as well. deff a lot more power!"

I saw that one. Good price and looks to be in great shape.

Go get it.

having a problem with the parasound 2100, its hooked up as instructed in owners manual i have my ps4,ps3, and blueray ran into avr with hdmi and they all work fine. my cable box ran the same way hdmi into avr,there is a picture but the only sound i get is a loud buzz? when i disconnect all the rca cables from the 2100 sound outputs from the avr as it should. and yes the 2100 is off when i want to use the avr and turned on when i want 2ch. anyone have an idea of why everything else would work fine but not the cable box?
the parasound 2100 pre with the 2250 amp, brought the va's outta the dark. im hearing the details in the mozarts with much more clarity now. its not louder than the adcom 555mk2 but has more finesse for sure. Viennas get a bad rap about being a dark sounding speaker, not imo. they are a bit laid back for sure, but very smooth and warm sounding, very musical! they deff need a lot of power and good components to make them shine. thank you all for your help and input. speaker placement, pre amp with ht bypass and more power, brought life once again to the mozarts. thank you all.